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Miss Syria Sarah Nakhleh bitten by a dog in Cairo


The Syrian actress gets an anti-rabies vaccine after being bitten by a stray dog in Cairo, Egypt.

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In a tragic incident, a stray dog in Egypt bit actress and Miss Syria 2015 Sarah Nakhleh. She was rushed to a hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

Ahlmasr news quoted the actor, “I was bitten by a dog this morning and there was some swelling. So, I went to Zayed Specialised Hospital, where I was given

a first rabies vaccine, which must to prevent the spread of disease. Later I was told that I had to take four more vaccines for rabies. I was also given a paper in which the dates of the remaining vaccines were written."

“All this was completely free of charge. The hospital was really excellent and the doctors were very honest.”

She also said on Facebook, “I just want to say ‘Long Live Egypt a thousand times.’ I swear to God, if I was in any other country, I would be now suffering from rabies.”

Sarah-Egypt-2 Sarah Nakhleh poses for a photograph during an event. File

In 2013, the Arab beauty queen shifted to Egypt and started working as a TV presenter.

She went on to participate in the Miss Syria and Miss Arab World pageant, won the title of Miss Syria in 2015 and was a finalist for Miss Arab 2015.

In 2020, a viral video showed a ferocious animal attack on a group of children in a village in Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt.

The Qena Security Directorate announced that it had received information that at least 10 people had been injured as a result of an attack by an animal, which the local call “Al Salwa” in one of the areas in Qena.

The predator bites people, causing panic in the area.

The veterinarians explained that the so-called "Salwa" animal is the result of the mating between dogs and wolves and the predator lives in desert areas. The animal is ferocious in nature.

According to local media, police forces and members of the veterinary medicine in Qena killed the Salwa after surrounding it in remote areas.


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