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Billie Eilish recalls moment she stopped feeling comfortable going out in public

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Billie Eilish poses for a photograph.

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Billie Eilish recalled a time in her career when she stopped feeling comfortable to go out in public.

In a new interview with V Magazine, the 20-year-old singer spoke about the time she had “terrible nightmares” that scared her so much that she didn’t feel comfortable going out in public at the age of 16.

“I was having a lot of really, really unbelievably terrible nightmares,” Eilish said, adding that she started using a meditation app to fall asleep.


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“I was having weird sleep paralysis. It was just not a good period for my brain. I couldn’t sleep. I would go to bed at like four in the morning and wake up at one in the afternoon,” Eilish recalled.

“And I would listen to that meditation app every single time I needed to take a breath and not think about the horrors that were going on in my mind,” she said.

“The Happier Than Ever” singer revealed the one thing she realised while going to therapy during the 2020 lockdowns.

“It was a nightmare and it scared the living hell out of me, because I was just turned into this prop,” she told the magazine. “I’ve never been so scared. It was like, a huge stampede in those three months, I’d gotten bigger, but I didn’t know it until I was in that situation.”

“From that day on, I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t do anything. I was so flipped out by what had happened and how powerless I felt,” Eilish added. “And I didn’t have security because I didn’t have the money for it. I was the level of fame that needs security, but also the level of fame where you don’t really have the resources.”

It was recently announced that Eilish will be headlining Coachella 2022 along with Kanye West and Harry Styles on 16 and 23 April.

She is the youngest artist to ever headline at the California music festival.


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