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Tanishka Sharma’s camera clicks in a big way with recognition and awards

Tanishka 2

Colorful Palette won the first prize at Xposure International Photography Festival.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Tanishka Sharma is a 13 years old, Dubai born, Indian artist. Since childhood, she has been creative, with interests in drawing, painting, calligraphy and photography.

In photography, she likes to compose portraits and also conceptual and creative photography. She began equipping herself for photography in 2020, just before COVID hit. But she is a prize winning artist now!

At the recently concluded Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, she won the first prize for her work ‘Colorful Palette’. Another work, ‘Finding the Balance’, was nominated in the seventh position in the list. Both works were displayed during the Fest.


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Her composition ‘The Metamorphosis’ was selected for RAK Fine Arts Festival (Feb. 4 — Mar. 31) and her work has been nominated for the award under the Student category.

Tanishka 1  Tanishka Sharma is an award winning photographer.

She was also the youngest photographer at YPS international photography contest (Youth Photographic Society, based in Bengaluru, India).

Since the pandemic, she has completed three photography projects. She has been self-studying photo shopping and creative photography and in 2021, she also learnt digital drawing and illustration.

‘The Metamorphosis’ is her way of seeing the UAE. It is a place she loves; she holds big dreams for the country. ‘Finding the Balance’ is part of her conceptual photography series, done from home, under the shadow of COVID-19.

“Studying from home and confined within four walls,” she says about ‘Finding the Balance’. “I realised the importance of going to school, meeting friends, playing and seeing my grandparents.

Tanishka 4 The work titled Finding the Balance.

“I missed my friends the most! This photography project is a reflection of the same. We all need friends, relationships, studies, travel and physical and mental health, to strike a fine balance.”

The photograph was taken using the natural light from a window. Eggplant and tomato were created using photoshop.

‘Around the World from Home’ was her first home based photography project created during lockdown 2020. “Instead of visiting my grandparents or going to other holiday destinations,” Tanishka says, “I spent school holidays at home. I conveyed my wish to travel through my conceptual photography here, using Lego toys.”

Tanishka Sharma’s answers click with Gulf Today’s questions

What attracts you to conceptual photography?

The fact that I can express my ideas with endless possibilities, attracts me to conceptual art. It is beyond aesthetics; it is more engaging and appealing.

Eggplants, tomatoes, lego toys ... how do you find your mediums?

Tanishka 3  The Metamorphosis depicts Tanishka Sharma's love for the UAE.


This is the best part about conceptual photography - the elements don’t really matter.

It’s the brainstorming, message, and its execution. The idea that I can use eggplant or my toys or books to create a story, excites me. It’s the process that I enjoy.

Who/what are your inspirations as an artist?

Number one on my list is definitely my mom! (Mom is Ria Sharma, well-known UAE artist).

She is always available to listen to my ideas for my projects; she also picks up all the mess that I create for a shoot!

She teaches me new techniques, and most of all, she never gives up on me, even when I do. She has worked really hard on helping me unlock my true potential. (Love you mom!)

Second on my list is music. Listening to music and sketching helps me clear my mind and also inspires me to make more work. Some of my pictures and artworks are titled with song lyrics. I am also inspired by other artists and artwork online.

Your approach is more Western than Eastern. Comment.

I’ve never thought about my pictures being more ‘Western’ or ‘Eastern’. And I hope it is not categorised as one :).

I want to make pictures, without the constraint of being categorised into place/origin/culture and make art with messages that are universal.

Has COVID lockdown been a time of exasperation or inspiration? Or both?

I would have never discovered the importance of conceptual art if I hadn’t been confined to the space and objects within my home. Although COVID hasn’t been the subject of all my conceptual pictures, it has helped me discover conceptual art on the whole.

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors for photography? Why?

Although I love going outside for photography, I prefer indoor photography, because I’m in control of my lighting and settings. Besides, there aren’t many unexpected disturbances.

My settings include a source of natural light (a window); a backdrop (usually a solid coloured cloth); a platform to keep my subject; and a secondary light source (my study lamp).

Which is the camera you use? Why did you choose it?

I started with a very basic used Nikon 3500 with kit lens, which was upgraded last year with a used (third hand!) Canon 80D. It came with a 50mm prime lens, which was very helpful for portrait photography.

But I would like to add that it is not about the camera brand or lens. It has first to do with one’s creative process and then only the given camera. It has nothing to do with a fancy camera make! In fact, I have only two lenses that came with the camera.

Your message to young artists who want to make a career in art.

I am not at a stage to take art as my profession yet, so I am not in a position to give career advice :).

But I will tell them that if you want to do anything, be passionate and work hard. In the field of art, I’d say that being creative and out of the box is very essential. So, never hold yourself back.

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