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VIDEO: Elderly Saudi man from Najran blows up the Internet with folk dance moves

A combo image shows the elderly man dacing at an event in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

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An elderly Saudi man grabbed the attention of millions of social media users after he took part in a folkloric group dance during an event in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

Social media users and a number of celebrities have shared the viral video clip of the Saudi man.

The viral clip showed the elderly man enjoying the music from his chair at a social gathering.

Then a young man approached him and sang a few lines, which excited him.

He got up from the chair and joined the man with his moves, which drew widespread applause from the audience.

A visitor said that he was surprised with the way he danced.

The video showed people clapping and singing while the elderly man dances to the tunes.

The video became so popular that even non-Arabs shared it on their Twitter feeds.

Social media users popularized the hashtag #كبار_ السن،  (#the_elderly) on Twitter, pointing to the importance of the participation of the elderly people in the celebrations and not neglecting them.

A twitterati said, "The video is considered the most watched ... a seated elderly person gets excited with a folk dance and surprises the audience..."

The original clip garnered thousands of views and likes, and was circulated on multiple accounts on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

A Najran local and businessman, Hussein Al Hatila, said, “The older they get, the more they need us.

They are happy to be with us, and the simplest things make them happy.

Let us celebrate with them and always make them feel important, because they are the salt of life and the secret of our happiness.

Thank you to those who published the clip to draw the attention of those who were occupied by life about their happiness.”

A prominent Saudi socialite, Faisal Bin Hasslain wrote, “If you are old and have people destroy you, the people of Najran will bring you back to youth .”

Mana Bin Ali Al-Rubaie wrote on Twitter, “A salute of appreciation and honor to this man for crowding boilers and kindness in his heart ”


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