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The Arts & Crafts section will soar high with falcons at ADIHEX 2022


Eyeing ADIHEX — a falcon ready to move.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

The upcoming 19th edition of Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX), organised by Emirates Falconers’ Club (Sept. 26 — Oct. 2) will attract painters, artists, photographers, calligraphers and sculptors, as well as art galleries from inside and outside the UAE, as other editions have done.

The creatives have been regularly presenting their works involving high craftsmanship, expressing various artistic schools, including realistic, abstract and modern ones.

The topics often involve desert and marine environment, authentic heritage and hunting, along with related activities.

To make the participation of artists a success and to meet their logistical, marketing and promotional requirements in a way that befits their distinguished creations, the management of ADIHEX has announced the conditions for participating in the Painting and Photography section of the Arts and Crafts sector.

Basically, all artworks should reflect the theme of ADIHEX, namely, Sustainability and heritage … a reborn aspiration.


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Artworks must also highlight the cultural message of ADIHEX and contribute to raising awareness about the significance of protecting the environment, preserving species and conserving cultural heritage. ADIHEX is adding seminars, workshops to its programme.

All artworks are subject to prior approval from the organising committee, before they are displayed inside the participating artists’ stands.

Furthermore, the qualifying committee for selecting the artworks has the right to reject any work that is not consistent with the nature and objectives of the event.

In addition, ADIHEX management also reserves the right to print the participating artworks in any publication issued by it, and to promote them in a manner it deems appropriate. Artists must provide a biography and artistic history, and a brief introduction about each work (title, size, raw material used, price and year of production).

falcons  A horse rubs shoulders with falcons in the Arts and Crafts section.

Art galleries displaying works of several artists are also required to write the name of each artist on his/her own work, with a brief introduction about each painting. The price of each artwork displayed for sale must be clearly visible inside the pavilion.

ADIHEX management stated that the last date for accepting the applications is August 31. Participating artists must send copies of their artworks (paintings, photographs, models or sculptures) to the exhibition management before August 24 by email at, even if the artworks are not complete.

The qualifying committee will contact the artists regarding the artworks approved for participation by September 7, at the latest.

The Higher Organizing Committee of ADIHEX is keen that Art is present at such a global forum that brings together creators in various other fields from various continents.

The Arts and Crafts sector is a major platform for displaying the products of well-known and emerging Emirati, Arab and foreign artists, and an opportunity for them to connect with other lovers of art, related to cultural heritage and civilisation.

It also serves as a venue for artists to improve, innovate and present their experiences. As a result, it strengthens cultural diversity and increases the beauty of the visual and artistic dimension of each site at the event.

Artworks at ADIHEX usually represent part of the artists’ contemporary experiences and reflect their various schools, as well as their rich cultural and artistic skills that go to make the sector a unique place.

Apart from this, in another field under the supervision of Emirati and international experts and members of the Emirates Falconers Club & the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, three categories are being offered in the contest for the Most Beautiful Captive-Bred Falcons at ADIHEX.

Categories are: Most Beautiful Saker (Local & International), Most Beautiful Pure Gyr (Local & International), and Most Beautiful Gyr Peregrine.

A jury consisting of Emirati and international experts in the field of falcons and its breeding, and members of the Emirates Falconers Club and the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF), are responsible for carefully evaluating the participating falcons based on several criteria such as the weight and body measurements of the birds; the symmetry and colour of the feathers; details of the bird’s head, body and legs; general aesthetic appearance of the birds; as well as their health and the absence of any diseases.

The contest will be held on the last day of the exhibition, namely, October 2, where falconry companies and farms wishing to participate are urged to go to the stand of the Emirates Falconers Club, at 6pm.

Captive-bred falcons represent a genuine revolution in the sport of falconry and in the sustainability and revival of an authentic heritage.

In the Middle East, the use of captive-bred falcons has become noticeably widespread, especially in the Arab Gulf countries. It has contributed to reducing pressure on the use of wild falcons, helping enhance their numbers.

Abu Dhabi’s research and scientific efforts have assisted in improving the breeds of falcons to become stronger and more immune to diseases. It has aided in producing selected species with distinctive hunting qualities and aesthetics.

The Most Beautiful Captive-Bred Falcons is a section which has won wide international fame and attracted many participants, who are keen to present their best captive-bred falcons from falcon farms in the region and elsewhere in the world, each year.

The contest has earned the appreciation of regional and international entities concerned with preserving heritage and protecting the environment and for motivating falconers to preserve wild falcons.

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