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Abda Fayyaz draws upon her beliefs to create a more sustainable world

Calligraphy plays a big part in Abda Fayyaz’s work.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Under the theme of ‘Sustainability — Art for a Better World’, the 14th edition of DIFC Art Nights was held November 10-11 at the Gate Village in Dubai International Financial Centre, a leading destination promoting culture and community. DIFC Art Nights attracted art enthusiasts and collectors who represent the development and growth of the art eco system in the region. The event featured live entertainment, outdoor installations and works from established and emerging artists.

Among others at the Art Nights, Abda Fayyaz exhibited her works under the theme ‘Patterns of Life and Time’.

She is a Pakistani national, based in Dubai. An award winner and self-taught artist, her work is a reflection of her understanding of the universe and the constant changes and transformation that takes place within and around us. “I often receive feedback from clients that the artworks provide relaxed energies and calm and rejuvenated feelings,” says Fayyaz. “I am proud and feel blessed that my work is conveying positivity — a vital element in the current state of the planet.”

Her main medium is acrylic. From abstract paintings to calligraphy, the artworks represent a fusion of modern and contemporary styles and traditional techniques. Fayyaz’s themes always emphasise the importance of finding our true purpose, that each one of us is unique in our capacities and that resources are always available if we have the right connection with our inner consciousness, curiosity, energies and we synch with the “holistic purpose of the universe.”

 Abda Fayyaz is based in Dubai.

According to her, “everything has a purpose, meanings and important roles to play, whether a grain of sand, a drop of water or the entire cosmos itself — we are here for a reason through which we all are closely connected. We all are one!” She holds a Degree in Banking and Finance and has over fifteen years’ experience in brand development, marketing, social media strategy and strategy management.

Talking to Gulf Today, Fayyaz shared her belief that in the field of art, at present there are numerous artists from the Arab world and around the globe working to further elevate the Islamic and Arabic art, on the foundations of the centuries’ long work by legendary artists, philanthropists and scholars. “I am proud that I can count myself one amongst present-day artists, representing a fusion of modern and contemporary art and traditional techniques,” she said.

“The spiritual art connects the seeker and practitioner not just to scriptures, but provides additional means of contemplation.” Fayyaz said that as early as when she was four years old, she was observing her surroundings differently. “When other kids would struggle with pencil colouring, I would water colour complex and objects,” she recalled. “So, art and being conscious of my connections were always part of me.” She says that the world is not what it appears to be. “Nature’s technology is much ahead in advance!” she says.

“Our eyes see the front picture only. But there is much more behind the scenes.” We are now able to understand, more or less, the surface meanings of what was previously unknown through our technologies and scientific research; they help us explore the world; but Nature is an expert that still hides her deeper secrets. We will be able to understand her fully only by collaborating with her. The universe and the planet by nature are in perfect shape.

What we need to change is our own deep core, in order to get in sync with eternal harmonies and transformations. Fayyaz believes that Nature conveys deep but very clear messages through consistent patterns that are reminders all around and within us. Her art pieces strive to carry connected energies, inspired by Nature. She has said elsewhere that the connection between art and nature has been forged centuries before, where artists have dedicated their work to highlight environmental issues.

Individual actions, when taken collectively, lead to a massive contribution towards safeguarding our planet Earth. We all can play a role in tackling climate change and conserving the natural environment for future generations. She says that she fully believes that “what she was seeking, was seeking her first. Islamic and Arabic calligraphy has chosen me as a means of connecting and communicating to the universe.”

She adds that she would further continue the theme ‘Patterns of Life and Time’ which is inspired by the shapes and colours of Nature. All her works are based on the first alphabet of Arabic script, Alif, and the sacred name ‘Allah’. “The alphabet Alif and the word Allah are so infinite that I don’t think my lifelong work will be enough to construe them or even scrape their surface,” she says. “The day I feel that I have done sufficient work, my inner voice will guide me to move further into what is required.”

Occasionally, she does work on other scripts on specific requirements and commissions as per the clients’ requirements. “There are so many things one can do even with a plain wall,” she says. “You can paint it, wallpaper it, cover it up with frames or a big bookshelf. But maybe the best use of an empty wall is to display an impactful work of art that will instantly add personality to your home, office or an event, more so if the art comes with meanings, purpose and connectivity.”


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