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Former boxing champion Mike Tyson, US singer DJ Khaled perform Umrah


Mike Tyson, DJ Khaled and father of Tyson pose for a photo in Makkah. Instagram photo

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Former American boxing champion Mike Tyson and renowned US singer Khaled Mohammed Khaled known professionally as DJ Khaled were sighted performing Umrah in the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The American singer shared multiple videos and photos of their visit to the Holy City of Makkah on his Instagram account with heartfelt captions.

In the video on Instagram, DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson are seen doing Tawaf (walking in circles around the Holy Kaaba in an anti-clockwise motion).

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"The second I walked into Mecca (Makkah) tears came down my eyes. Tears of joy. My whole life I wanted to go to Mecca (Makkah) to pray and to give gratitude to Allah. I prayed for the world to have more love, life, peace, joy, health and protection for all of us," wrote the lauded singer.

In another Instagram post, the American singer shared a photo of Mike Tyson, who reportedly accepted Islam in 1992, and father of Tyson, wrapped in the white Ihram cloth, which Muslim men are required to wear when performing the pilgrimage.

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"We are on our way to Makkah. Bless my brother Mike Tyson and his father as well. More love more blessings more life for everyone," US rapper DJ Khaled captioned the photo in which Tyson and his father are closely standing next to the singer, wrapped in an ehraam.

Earlier this month, Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan was also spotted in the Holy city of Makkah performing Umrah. Videos of him wearing a rida, izar and facemask went viral on social media.

And needless to say, Shah Rukh Khan’s visuals from the Holy City of Makkah won millions of hearts and are still doing rounds on the Internet.

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