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Dubai to build first mosque in the world with 3D printing technology

A graphic illustration shows first mosque in the world with 3D printing technology.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dr Hamad Bin Al Sheikh Ahmad Al Shaibani, Director General of the Department of Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities in Dubai, confirmed that the project to build the first mosque in the world with 3D printing technology is a distinguished project, and that the work is a translation on the ground of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to move the Emirate of Dubai to advanced levels.

This came during a media conference held at the department's headquarters to announce the launch of the project, to be a modern model in its design and an experiment in how to apply future technology.

He added that the work reveals the importance of cooperation with various local agencies and institutions, which would enhance the environmental sustainability system by adhering to the international standards approved in construction, to consolidate its values and standards, and to enhance the position of the Emirate of Dubai as a global center from which innovative solutions are launched.

This step contributes to supporting sustainable development plans, while at the same time reflecting a set of positive outcomes in society.
Eng. Ali Al-Halyan Al-Suwaidi, Head of the Engineering section, stated that 3D printing technology is the process of completing works using a 3D printer, which is a digitally controlled machine that mixes the components of raw materials and industrial additives, and molds them to form the general structure of the building or any of its elements according to the plans.

The dimensions entered into the electronic software of this printer, without the need for direct human intervention, or the need to use molds during the forming process, as is the case in the traditional formwork process.

This process aims to strengthen the position of the Emirate of Dubai by making it a leading center in the region and the world in the field of using this technology, while reducing the cost and time taken to implement construction works, thus contributing to advancing development and indicators of global competitiveness, and preserving the environment by reducing the proportion of waste.

With regard to the construction phase of the mosque, Al- Halyan indicated that the date of starting the work on the site will be at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the current year 2023, and the date of its completion will be in the first quarter of the year 2025, and the period of 3D printing works takes 4 months, and the period of printing 3D walls- (Printing speed rate) is approximately 20 cm per second / 2 square meters per hour.

It is expected that the cost of this mosque will be higher than the cost of ordinary buildings by 30%, because it is the first project of its kind, and we expect prices to gradually decrease due to the experiences that will be gained from the implementation of this mosque, as the cost in the upcoming projects may reach the cost of the regular mosques, and construction guarantee for a period of 30 years.

Halyan added about the current phase of the project that the initial design of the mosque has been completed, and coordination will be made with Dubai Municipality to take the final approvals.

The capacity of the mosque is approximately up to 600 worshipers and the building area is 2000 square feet, indicating that the materials used in printing are cement materials with certain mixtures available for the pumping process with the printing machine, and a handful of workers will operate the printing machine only.

Mohammed Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Mosques Affairs Sector, explained that the department's message is to be a pioneering and sustainable charitable destination, including the construction of mosques.

Therefore, the department seeks to achieve new added value through this work based on its strategic plan, emanating from the strategic vision of Dubai, by strengthening the existing strategic partnership relations with various institutions, whether governmental or private, in an effective manner that ensures the sustainability and development of these strategic partnerships in accordance with the directions of the vision of the wise Dubai government.

He said that this project is the first effort of the department's work team to come up with ideas that are in harmony with the vision of Sheikh Mohammed, especially since the global developments that simulate artificial intelligence in all its stages were the main factor behind developing the idea of building with 3D printing technology for the mosque, which took into account all the standards required in implementation, and in the future it will be one of the models and solutions that can be used worldwide.

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