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A Journey Through Creativity at The H Dubai is a trip with talent

Afshan Khan’s composition Daydream.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Art lovers are being treated to some of the best art produced in the city at the curated exhibition A Journey Through Creativity (Sept. 15 — 17), with Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) exhibiting artworks from 30 local artists in The H Dubai’s hotel lobby. Artists participating in the exhibition are pioneers of sorts, creating artwork that are new in the newly emerging UAE art scene. They are also veterans of various group art exhibitions in the Emirates and internationally, with successful shows at DIAC.The works on display range from stimulating landscapes and portraits to serene still lifes along with expressive abstracts.

They involve a wide range of artistic expression, from traditional painting to abstract contemporary art, which come alive in oils, acrylics, watercolours, inks, drawings, and mixed media.The exhibition was inaugurated by Walter Shcerb, Founder, Power Horse, Dr. Ishha Farha Quraishy (Mrs Universe 2019/Mrs UAE United Nations 2022) and Bijendar Singh (Consul & Labour, Consulate General of India, Dubai), in the presence of art promoter Sultana Kazim and Emirati artist Rukni.

Participating artists are Anjini Prakash Laitu, Alem Goshime, Afshan Khan, Alia Amin, Akanksha Kshatriya, Afsheen Beig, Beena Samuel, Diyali Sen Bhalla, Fahmida Papri, Jurgita K Foster, Mehboobeh Goshtasb Shanavaz, Mahnaz Rafiq Javid, Mariam Khawer, Narmeen Zain, Nahida Beshara, Pari Sagar, Razan Hamad, Rooma Eejaz, Roza Akhlaghi, Reshma Parikh, Shakila Abossedgh, Sabah Anees, Susmitha Dhruva, Sandeep Soni, Safa Peshimam, Shilpi Dabral, Tuma Roy Banerjee, Thamara Noori, Dr. Wesham Mamdouh and Zeina Zaki. Safa Peshimam’s Van Gogh Twist is an abstract painting that is a fusion of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic style saturated with vibrant colours that finds home in the United Arab Emirates skyline.

 Diyali Sen Bhalla’s abstract work titled Truth.

The skyline comes to life through the expressive brushwork and use of the colours of the UAE flag. The twisting and swirling buildings evoke a sense of movement and energy that characterises the landscape. The painting not only captures the architectural marvels of the UAE but is also a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, with the night sky symbolising the limitless possibilities that await the remarkable nation. Sabah Anees offers Rising, where pink colour represents acceptance, nurturing and kindness, as it is often associated with femininity. “The vibrant pink here is a stimulant for thoughts and energy to elevate and rise above the ordinary,” says Anees. The hue, akin to the delicate blush of dawn, serves as a visual metaphor for the unfolding of new possibilities.

“Through this evolving imagery,” Anees adds, “the pink painting invites contemplation, encouraging viewers to embrace their own personal journeys of self-discovery and evolution. It serves as a reminder that, much like the artwork itself, we are all in a constant state of flux, forever rising and evolving.”Pari Sagar’s mixed media work Window to the Soul is a mandala in a modern form. “It is where your thoughts are moving in and out,” says Sagar. “For me, art creates a bridge towards positive health, lower stress levels and promotes well being, relaxing the mind,” says Sagar. Afshan Khan introduces two artworks: Ashoka Stambh and Daydream. The Ashoka Stambh stands for power, courage, confidence and pride and is mounted on a circular base. It features Asiatic lions standing back-to-back on a single block of yellow sandstone.

 Pari Sagar’s mixed media composition titled Window to the soul.

“It’s history dates back to 268 BCE,” Khan points out. “It is currently located in Sarnath, India.” Daydream depicts a girl who is enchanted and caught in daydream by the beauty of a fluffy blue feather. Diyali Sen Bhalla says that her work Truth shows it “in all its aspects, pure and accessible. In the chaos of life, we become a part of the multitude and in a race of which we have no awareness. We just run. But even here, the truth of our limitless self, of our true identity, always shines forth.” Sophie Blondel, General Manager of The H Dubai, said that “we are thrilled to host this exciting exhibition at The H Dubai, which is showcasing the finest local art, in partnership with the Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC).

 Sabah Anees’s artwork titled Rising, with vibrant pink dominating.

This event underscores our commitment to fostering artistic expression and enriching our community through the vibrant world of expression. We are very excited to welcome both the artists and art enthusiasts to The H Dubai to enjoy the range of exceptional art forms that are on show and we envisage it will be a great success for all participants.” DIAC was founded in 1976 by the initiative of a few artists and art enthusiasts residing in Dubai. Currently, its membership stands at over 1,500 art lovers and practitioners, from more than 80 different nationalities.

 Safa Peshimam’s artwork titled Van Gogh Twist.

The growing venture is a nonprofit organiation, offering an inspiring environment for artistic expression. “DIAC is committed to culturally and creatively enriching the local community by developing, stimulating, nurturing and promoting artists, enthusiasts and art,” it says. DIAC is owned by the members themselves and managed by a board of directors consisting of eminent personalities and prominent artists from the UAE.

It is a premier centre for arts education in Dubai, offering the community over 80 different art courses and workshops, language courses and gallery exhibitions. DIAC organises art events and exhibitions in house and in different venues of Dubai. Its events are well attended and respected and inaugurated by prominent personalities from Dubai and abroad. Recently, it hosted a successful Art Festival at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel in Port Rashid. 


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