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Contemporary artist Kristel Bechara whispers floral motifs to life with art


Colours mix and mingle in Heart Unbound by Kristel Bechara.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Renowned for her vibrant and dynamic patterns set against monochromatic backgrounds, Dubai-based visual artist Kristel Bechara has collaborated with Black and Blanc, a Parisian florist celebrated for their Infinity Roses and bespoke floral arrangements; from the partnership has flourished an artwork titled Whispers of Petals. It strives to embody the floral essence in Bechara’s work, symbolising beauty in diversity and the artistic collaboration has resulted in a fusion of fine art and floristry. Bechara’s master work was revealed to collectors during an exclusive reception held on December 7 in the intimate setting of the artist’s atelier. Whispers of Petals is a digital artwork that artistically interprets the rose as the core of the creation — a universal emblem of love, passion, and beauty.

The piece, transcending aesthetics, reveals a deeper narrative. The objet d’art uses rose petals as a canvas, adorned with a whirlwind of diverse patterns, foliage, and birds. The elements draw their sustenance from global inspiration with each motif telling a distinct story and together contributing to an intricate tapestry. The weave represents life’s rhythm, resulting from a symphony of interconnected tales. The convergence of the artwork echoes the message: like each uniquely patterned petal, every individual is an intricate mosaic of stories, experiences, and emotions.

Whispers of Petals is a tribute to the myriad untold tales and subtle whispers often overshadowed by life’s cacophony. The black shades — akin to black roses — symbolise mystery and imply the end of one phase and the beginning of another, much like the blooming of a rose. Bechara’s creation unveils these stories, capturing the essence of diversity and the beauty of untold narratives. Madam Hanan Tabet, Consul at the General Consul of Lebanon in Dubai, graced the exclusive launch event with her presence, showing her support for the artist and her work. Opening the doors to her private space, Bechara granted art enthusiasts a unique glimpse into her personal world. The gesture offered the privilege to be welcomed into the private space of the artist, to witness the creative process and to build an emotional connection with the art on display.

Kristel Bechara is a contemporary artist based in Dubai.

“I whisper vibrant tales of beauty in diversity against monochromatic silences,” Bechara said. She has always strived to create art that celebrates life and honours beauty in its various incarnations. As a modern visual artist, her work is known for its vivid and thought-provoking imagery. Fascinated by Greek mythology from a young age, the ancient tales have been a rich source of inspiration for her. She interprets morals from ancient Greek tales in her work, adapting them to the contemporary era and visually creating her own epic, inspirational narratives.

Having started her career in the UAE over a decade ago, she has won international acclaim with exhibitions spanning from Tokyo to Milano and from Brussels to London. She has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes magazine, Esquire, Wired and Harper’s Bazaar ART, marking her as a prominent figure of the art world. She has also won numerous accolades and awards in the region. The bespoke box designed by Bechara featuring infinity roses, is available as part of an exclusively limited-edition of 25 pieces only, during the festive season. Beyond being a mere product, it is a shared story between the rose petals and an artistic vision — a steal for its owners.

To mark the occasion, Bechara teamed up with talented pastry chef, Ines Chatti. A firm believer in the beauty of nature, Chatti drew inspiration from the floral motifs at the heart of Bechara’s work, crafting a sensory symphony that reflected both the elegance and authenticity of her art. Delectable art pieces resembling rose bouquets that merged visual arts with floral and pastry craftsmanship, were designed. The collaboration was a fruitful dialogue between distinctive artistic talents. Chatti’s pastries, much like Bechara’s artworks, are irresistibly addictive!

Astrid Lesuisse is based in Dubai.

Astrid Lesuisse, French creative arts specialist and curator of the event, landed in Dubai in 2020. She has notable fine arts experience from working with different galleries, art fairs, hotels and companies in art, having curated art exhibits, managed artists, sold fine art, conceived collaborative projects, organised events, and implemented integrated campaigns. She has been contributing to Dubai’s growing prominence as a leading cultural and arts hub by working towards making art accessible through creative and inspiring concepts. She has been working with a diverse range of innovative UAE-based artists, representing both emerging and established artists. Her aim is to introduce their work to local and global audiences. Chatti, as a passionate pastry artist blending French and Tunisian heritage, draws inspiration from her travels, attempting to infuse each creation with intriguing flavour combinations.

She elevates her desserts by incorporating aromatic plants and flowers, crafting a symphony that reflects elegance and authenticity. Transitioning from a career in criminal law and the path towards becoming a prison director, she made a bold pivot to turn her passion for pastry into her profession. Her unconventional journey led her to the cohort of the esteemed three-starred Michelin Chef Anne Sophie Pic, followed by the role of Executive Pastry Chef for the renowned Michelin-starred Chef Pierre Gagnaire, in Dubai.  Her diverse experiences have shaped her approach to pastry, blending refined techniques learned from Michelin-starred environments and the flavours and inspirations gathered from her global culinary explorations.



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