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Art4you Gallery’s small canvas art showcased big exhibition ambition

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A camel cart.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

30x30 Around the World, the exhibition organised by Art4you Gallery at Piccaso Gallery (Jan. 21 – 30), took visitors on a cultural voyage through 58 miniature canvases produced by artists of many nationalities. They captured the spirit of each featured nation. The 30 x 30cm canvases functioned as personal windows into a variety of international landscapes, portraits, histories, and customs.

Each piece represented a country’s distinct cultural character. It was a flowering of a garden with a variety of flowers, bringing together the abilities of the artists in a harmonic celebration of global variety, and offering a colourful vision of the world. 30x30 Around the World encouraged a consciousness of the richness of the diversity that distinguishes human history, having allowed many art makers to immerse themselves in the special beauty of each civilisation.

The objets d’art offered glimpses into the customs, practices and history that gives each culture its unique personality. In short, the exhibition unveiled a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, with artists from around the world capturing the essence of their heritage.  “From traditional motifs to contemporary interpretations, the exhibition showcased the subtlety of inter-connectedness and shared human experiences, inviting viewers on a visual journey that celebrated the tapestry of cultures that make up our global identity,” said curator Jesno Jackson. “Art4you Gallery honoured artistic expressions that unite all.” Jackson is the co-founder of the gallery.


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The exhibition was inaugurated by Yaqoob Al Ali and Abdulqader Alrais in the presence of Maktoum Al Marzouki, Abeer Abdullah, Mohammed Ali Rabah El Awaar and Kiara Kaur. Ali Alzakary, Mohseen, Rana Alzakary, Edoardo Pesenti, Katie, Victoria Zaytseva, Leo, Isabela De Almeida, Collectors Yash, Rolla and Rana, among others, visited the exhibition. They were supported with art guided tours throughout the show.

Artists who participated were Khuloud Amhairi, Gayatri Simit Shah, Rania Abdelrahman, Ashwini Gawade, Alzbeta Znamenska, Vashila Vohra, Sibel Yavuz, Karthika S(Kay), Maryam Shahbazi, Maria Komal Abie, Vasilisa Eliseeva, Jesno Jackson, Mehboobeh Shahnavas, Sona Minas, Rija Umar, Lumbini Kavi Yadav, Iqbal Odeh (Lulu) Ladan Rouzbeh, Reem Alsuby, Hana Achour, Mouza Rashed Al Darmaki, Kira Melnikova, Sherouq El Masry, Avijit Majumder, Anila K, Sanjana Nanda, Dana Almheiri, and Thauheeda Thameem. “We included a live painting session throughout the event, which added energy and spontaneity,” said Jackson. “Artist Ricknibert enthusiastically created a brand-new piece of art on the topic of the UAE before the audience. He brought a dynamic and participatory aspect to the overall ambience!”

Art4you 2  Artists and art lovers at the exhibition.

Visitors were offered the opportunity to see the creative process in action during the 10-minute performance, learning about the techniques and sources of inspiration of artists. In addition to capturing the attention of the audience, the live painting session also helped strengthen the bond between art lovers and art creators, Jackson pointed out. “It was a chance to bridge the gap between the observer and the artist, turning the exhibition into a living canvas, where creativity unfolded moment by moment.”

The exhibition illustrated the ability of art to transcend geographic boundaries by its offer of a rich tapestry of global cultures. “The response of art collectors has been extremely favourable overall, with many expressing a wish to add works to their collections that would serve as significant representations of the worldwide mosaic of cultures included in the “small canvas”, in addition to it being visually pleasing,” said Jackson. A word about the curation: it doubtless created a cohesive narrative that seamlessly connected pieces from different countries. The artworks were chosen with a view to their educational aspect too; they provided insights into cultures through artistic interpretations.

Quite a few visitors felt a connection with the cultural stories portrayed on the canvases, since they knew the scenes represented first hand. The interaction thus turned more welcoming since the artworks were also inclusive. Among other things, it also encouraged conversations about art and culture. The small size of the canvases made the artworks less intimidating and more accessible to a broader audience, allowing a wider range of collectors to engage with the exhibition.

Jackson is an independent art curator, who currently focuses on creative strategies of the content division of Art4you Gallery. Her career has taken her from her life as an artist and art educator to that of an art curator. In her nearly decade-long tenure as curator, she has organised exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, alongside conducting workshops and lectures. She has authored articles and contributed to art publications, and through her personal blogs on social media. She spends much time in designing a sophisticated and modern digital and physical aesthetic for Art4you Gallery.

Art4you Gallery is a multicultural platform with a mission of connecting artists, promoting the exchange of art between UAE and other nations and to create and nurture community-based art projects. “We are committed to engage, encourage, promote and collaborate,” says Jackson. “Our mission is to support artists by providing a creative environment for them to develop, perform and exhibit. Art4you Gallery inspires artists and connects them to the community for shared mutual benefit.”

She adds that the platform showcases promising talent and offers value buys to collectors. “We are proud to be showcasing many emerging and talented artists alongside some of the most well-known and established names,” she says. “This will be an ongoing practice which will only grow with time. Hopefully, it will create many new stars on the art horizon, producing coveted works that find a place in contemporary collections.” 

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