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190 guests from 25 nations to grace Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival


Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, renowned for its ability to unite global literary enthusiasts and bring the undeniable power of reading to the youth, is once again set to captivate audiences with an array of esteemed guests who will deliver inspiring talks, panel discussions and invaluable workshops.

Organised by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) and set to take place from May 1–12 in Expo Centre Sharjah, the region’s largest event dedicated to nurturing the imagination of young minds, carries the theme ‘Once Upon a Hero’ this year. With 190 guests from 25 countries, the festival represents the universal appeal of literature and the power of storytelling to transcend generations and inspire greatness.

This year's lineup boasts an impressive roster of accomplished individuals, promising an enriching experience for attendees of all ages.

World-famous literary masters

Leading the pack is Jerry Craft, a distinguished American cartoonist and children's book illustrator, whose syndicated comic strip "Mama's Boyz" and graphic novels such as "New Kid" and "Class Act" have earned him widespread acclaim. Joining Craft is Raúl The Third, a New York Times bestselling illustrator and author, celebrated for his evocative portrayals of the contemporary Mexican-American experience. Their presence guarantees a fusion of artistry and storytelling that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Further enhancing the festival's agenda is Dr. Caroline Leaf, a world-famous communication pathologist and neuroscientist from the United States. Renowned for her research on the mind-brain connection, Dr. Leaf's expertise in mental health and memory formation promises to enlighten and inspire attendees.

A wide array of topics for all interests

Hailing from Malaysia, Stacy C. Bauer and Ying Ying Ng bring their unique talents to the forefront. Bauer, a prolific writer known for her humorous anecdotes and relatable storytelling, is set to regale audiences with tales of childhood adventures. Ng, with over three decades of experience in music education, offers invaluable insights into the world of creativity and learning.

Malaysia's David Chek Ling Ngo rounds out the top tier of distinguished guests, bringing his wealth of knowledge in leadership and academic excellence to the fore. Recognised as one of the Top 2% Scientists Worldwide by Stanford University, Ngo's contributions to the fields of education and institutional growth are nothing short of exemplary.

SCRF brings the world’s best to Sharjah

Meanwhile, the festival will also play host to a diverse array of luminaries from around the globe. From Georgia, Lia Shalvashvili, an esteemed author and educator, joins the fray with her extensive repertoire of children's literature. The United States contributes Dr. Al Jones, a distinguished psychologist specialising in educational and gender psychology, further enriching the festival's intellectual discourse.

Not to be overlooked are the notable guests from India, including Mamta Nainy, Bethany Clark, and Sohini Mitra, each bringing their unique perspectives on children's literature and publishing to the table. Other noteworthy figures include Cathy Camper from the United States, Joanne Steer from the UK, Dr. Sandy Zanella from Mexico, Toyin Akanni from Nigeria, Deeba Zargarpur representing Afghanistan and the US, Liam Kelly from Ireland, Hannah Moushabeck from the USA, Lauren Tamaki also from the USA, Leila Boukarim, Jane Mount, and Zelmaré Viljoen.

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