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World Art Dubai returns for tenth edition with slew of new projects


Gold Girl is a presentation by Tablinum Cultural Management.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Marking a decade of artistic promotion and advancement, World Art Dubai (WAD), one of the region’s largest contemporary art fairs, is poised to present its most ambitious edition — its tenth in the series - at Dubai World Trade Centre (May 2 – 5).

This year, in partnership with Dubai Culture, it is offering the WAD Tourism Art Tour; it will take exhibitors on an immersive journey through the UAE’s rich tapestry of art and cultural offerings. New for 2024 is also a matchmaking programme for artists and galleries.

WAD is part of the contribution to Dubai’s ambitious goal to double the contribution of the creative industries to its GDP by 2026 under the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy. It involves the doubling the number of creative companies and creators in the emirate. In 2024, WAD will amplify its numbers, showcasing a diverse array of over 4,000 artworks from more than 300 galleries from over 65 countries in a diverse array of accessible artworks including paintings, prints, sculptures, street and digital art, from emerging artists, pop-art icons and fashion art disrupters to experimental expressionists and fine art and photography practitioners. It is expecting over 15,000 visitors. According to WAD, 40 per cent of exhibitors are returnees.

The fair will be set across 12 pavilions dedicated to countries and regions, including Japan, India, China, Turkey, Iran, America, Asia, Russia, UAE, Europe, the UK and Arabia. Over four days, visitors can also engage in a variety of activities that go beyond traditional art exhibitions. WAD will feature experiential art activations, live performances, art consultancy, curated art talks and workshops. Asma Al Sharif, Assistant Vice President at Exhibitions, Dubai World Trade Centre said: “We’re honoured to have Dubai Culture as our strategic partner and with the launch of WAD Tourism Art Tour, we aim to provide our exhibitors and participants with an immersive journey through the rich tapestry of the UAE’s art and cultural offerings, while spotlighting Dubai’s vibrant art scene on the global stage.”


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Dr Saeed Mubarak Kharbash, CEO of the Arts and Literature Sector at Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, said that “by joining forces with World Art Dubai, we aim to make art more accessible to a wider audience and contribute to the realisation of the emirate’s ambitious goals outlined in the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy.” Presenting their creativity are legacy exhibitors such as Lotus Educational Institute, Art Plus Photographers Production and JAPAN PROMOTION Gallery, which have spent between eight and nine years each exhibiting at the show.

  Left: Don’t Look Up by Raihan R. Vadra. Right: Francine Kaspar’s artwork. 

Speaking on behalf of the 54-strong artist collective representing JAPAN PROMOTION Gallery, Momoko Ishikawa said: “A notable aspect of our exhibition is the availability of contemporary art and artworks that utilise traditional techniques, offering unique pieces not found elsewhere in Dubai. At the Taimei Gallery booth, for example, a significant focus will be on artworks using the ‘maki-e’ technique. Maki-e, a painting technique born approximately 1200 years ago, has been cherished by the nobility throughout history. It is characterised by the serene beauty that emerges from combining the natural hues of the material, the deep lustre of lacquer, and the brilliance of gold and silver.

“Prosperity Japan’s booth will present framed works and tapestries utilising the ‘nishijin-ori’ weaving technique, which has a history of over 1000 years. This technique involves intricately weaving dyed silk threads to create patterns, producing a fabric with a three-dimensional feel that shows a diversity of colours changing exquisitely with the light. While traditionally used for kimono fabrics, its beauty and high fidelity in pattern reproduction have been reimagined in art pieces.”

The UAE and GCC Pavilions will spotlight the talent of residents who call Dubai home and citizens, demonstrating how the two populations exist and interact in their creativity. Artists include Daria Avdeeva, Javeria Khan and Francine Kaspar, whose artworks blend classical techniques with contemporary interpretations, reflecting the UAE’s multicultural identity. Hend Rashed, a Dubai-based abstract artist who is presenting her works, has a repertoire spanning seven years at prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including in Singapore, Oman and Italy. Her artistry has earned her nominations for the UAE Residence Artist Award by World Art Dubai, for three consecutive years.

Coming from further afield in the region Bahraini artist Leena Al Ayoobi, Iraqi artist Nabil Ali and Lebanese artist Lydia Moawad, blend cultural influences and personal experiences to create artworks that demonstrate the wide variety of styles and cultural influences of Middle Eastern art. The Europe Pavilion, curated by Tablinum Cultural Management, presents innovative contemporary art, with artists like Tatiana Kramarenko, Follow Med and Petr Shebarshin exploring themes of chaos, spirituality, and life’s profoundity. China’s presence, facilitated by Artaflo Collective from Hong Kong, reflects the belief in art as a universal language. India’s offering showcases its dynamic art scene through Sanuj Birla’s pop art, Raihan R. Vadra’s immersive installations and Niyati Parekh’s art and interior design.

JAPAN PROMOTION’s Japan Tide project presents a blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese arts. The Russia Pavilion, featuring Igor Kirillov and IMMI Art, offers immersive experiences in romantic hyperrealism. Iran’s pavilion, represented by Ronas Gallery and Negara Group, highlights the vibrant contemporary art scene. Insights from America, Asia, and the UK, including contributions from the Museum of Modern Renaissance, Art Muse Gallery and Lenny Lopes, respectively, offer fresh perspectives and point to innovative approaches in art.

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