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ABCDE: Asia Bingyols Connects Dubai Everywhere through art and education

An antique objet d’art at Bingyol’s Art Gallery Dubai.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Asia Bingyols is the founder of Bingyol’s Art Gallery, Auction House and Art Academy. The gallerist, curator and auctioneer – she also has a gallery space in Moscow - has presented numerous art exhibitions and projects in renowned museums across several locations in the USA, Europe and the Middle East - one portfolio of masterpieces she curated was worth more than US$10 million. She was the author of the international project ‘Cultural Bridge’; it was exhibited in over eight countries. A participant in the 58th Venice Biennale, she has written the book ‘How to buy and sell art’, published in English and Russian.

“As an international project”, says Asia, “Bingyol’s presents artworks of antique and museum value by the creators of the past and art objects of contemporary artists, both famous and gaining popularity, from all over the world. There are two permanent exhibitions in Bingyol’s Art Galleries in Moscow and Dubai. Bingyol’s works with authors, collectors and museums around the world, holding exhibitions, auctions and events in Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Los Angeles, Venice, Basel and other global art centres.”

Bingyol’s Art Academy organises educational projects with the assistance of the Austrian University, conducts courses on art and gallery management, art object evaluation, art investment and NFT. It has designed a series of short, practice-oriented courses in Art Management, to bridge the gap between the art and business worlds, to serve artists, curators, collectors, investors, enthusiasts and other art professionals.

Each course of the Art-As-Business series is a 12-hour dive into the business perspective of the contemporary and classical arts. Together, they form a programme for professional Art Management certification.  The Academy is KHDA approved by the Ministry of Education and also provides professional education to students who want to pursue a career in art management, offering courses on contemporary, antique, and classic artworks.

 Asia Bingyols is the founder of Bingyol’s Art Gallery, Dubai.

Asia’s efforts have always been to bring global art to Dubai. She is a graduate from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Glendale Community College, California and Lomonosov Moscow State University, and these are the places where she gained the skills and knowledge to start and run her own art businesses. Bingyol’s Art Gallery hosts a collection of artworks and antiques that span different cultures, eras, and styles.

From classical masterpieces to contemporary creations, the gallery showcases pieces that have travelled from distant lands, each carrying its own story and historical significance. The gallery’s art collection is a standing testament to global artistic diversity. One can here admire paintings from renowned European artists, explore the intricacies of Asian sculptures, and lose one’s way in the vibrancy of African tribal art.

“Each piece is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive view of the world’s artistic heritage, offering a unique opportunity to experience various cultural expressions without leaving Dubai,” says Asia. “Here is a treasure trove of timeless antiques. You can find Chinese artifacts that reveal the detailed craftsmanship of ancient dynasties, Japanese samurai swords that embody the spirit of warriors, and French couches that were once owned by Napoleon himself.

The gallery also features imperial vases that speak to the opulence and grandeur of historical empires. Each antique item has been meticulously selected for its historical value and craftsmanship, providing a tangible connection to the past.”

Visitors are offered an educational experience along with the visual feast, since Bingyol’s provides detailed information on each piece, including its origin, historical context, and artistic significance, making visits both enjoyable and enlightening. Bingyol’s Auction House features classical authors, contemporary art and antique works and sculptures. It offers clients the Art Concierge Service, which includes the search for the desired authors and works of any period.

The gallery organises auction balls around the world in cities such as Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Los Angeles, Venice and Basel, presenting artists to art connoisseurs and collectors. A percentage of the funds collected during the events goes to charity.

Asia is also an art dealer and art investment adviser, with a decade of experience in the global art market. She currently works with more than 500 international artists. “My goal is to promote and support the art industry in Armenia, where I hail from and beyond, and to create opportunities for emerging and established artists,” she says. “I am always looking for new challenges and collaborations that can enhance my expertise and network in the art world.”

For her, Bingyol’s Art Gallery is more than just a place to view art and antiques or buy them; it is a cultural hub where art lovers, collectors, and minds curious about art can come together. Indeed, the gallery frequently hosts exhibitions, auctions and events that celebrate the rich tapestry of global art and culture; collectors find their favourite pieces there and they are also occasions for brain storming, cultural dialogue and exchange of views.

Let Asia herself have the final word. “Located in West Crescent, Palm Jumeirah at the Kempinski Hotel and Residences,” she says, “Bingyol’s Art Gallery is dedicated to enriching Dubai’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Each exhibition, auction, or auction gala night of ours allows people from different cultural backgrounds to come together; we aim to inspire and invigorate the creative scene of Dubai, bringing internationally renowned artworks directly to our community. Bingyol’s Art Gallery is a haven for art lovers and collectors alike, offering a unique window into the diverse world of fine arts.”


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