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Music composer D-BELL has many inspirations, but an individual style

Hlib Futymskyi 2

Playing a D-BELL composition.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

D-BELL (Hlib Futymskyi) is a self-taught music composer. Based in Dubai and of Ukrainian origin, the seventeen-year-old is a maestro in mixing, mastering, and arranging music, having been inspired by Michael Jackson and Queen at a still younger age. “My musical journey has led me to explore diverse influences,” he says, “including Elvis Presley, Daft Punk, and even opera such as Montserrat Caballé.” In Dubai, he enrolled at Nibras International School where, right in his first year, he achieved a significant milestone by winning a talent show; it was attended by over 200 people. “My performance,” D-BELL remembers, “was a tribute to Michael Jackson with a mix I created at home. It impressed judges across all grades, including Grade 11.” He won another talent show at a Ukrainian school in Dubai, once again captivating the audience with a Michael Jackson dance performance. He also secured first place in a guitar competition at the same school. Later, he had the privilege of performing at prestigious events such as Wow JBR festivals, Marina Music Festivals, and various other Dubai Music Festivals. With wins both in Ukraine and Dubai, he was invited to perform at prominent events, including one for Ukrainian boxer, Usyk.

“Since a young age,” D-BELL says, “I’ve been drawn to compose and refine my music independently. In 2018, I launched my musical journey with the EP ‘Reflection’; it was followed by the single ‘Delirium’ in 2019, ‘Sparkling Shade’ in 2020 and ‘Eyes’ and ‘People’ in 2021. The releases were noteworthy landmarks in my musical evolution.” In 2023, he created the Album ‘Over the World’, setting the stage for his first major musical achievement: a diverse album featuring songs in various languages, each involving singers from different countries.

It includes compositions in individual styles crafted by himself - it won him an invitation to present it on Dubai Eye radio station. His achievement was also highlighted in an article by ‘Ukrainians in the Emirates’.

His professional experience includes being the founder of D-BELL WorkSpace (a music studio), which offers services to musicians and composers; collaboration with members of Hans Zimmer’s orchestra, with Vera Brezhneva and others, and working in music studios in Dubai and Toronto such as Green Squirrel, In The Mix, Al Watan, Phase One, SoundStruck and Firdaus Studio. D-BELL composes his answers to Gulf Today’s questions

Hlib Futymskyi 1  D-BELL is the stage name of Hlib Futymskyi.

Why do you like music?

Music has always been a source of inspiration and comfort for me. It allows me to express myself in ways that words alone cannot. I love the way music can evoke emotions and tell stories, expanding language and cultural barriers. Well, this is a bit of an abstract question because, naturally, people tend to like music. But for me, it’s about how I hear and enjoy it, and that’s something that’s kind of hard to put into words. It’s exactly what I’m trying to bring through my own music.

Are you a professional composer or is it a hobby?

While music started as a hobby for me, it has evolved into a professional career. I am dedicated to perfecting my art and creating music that means something to people all around the world.

Do you prefer to compose in the Ukrainian language or in English?

I enjoy composing music in both Ukrainian and English. In fact, each language offers its own unique opportunities for expression, and I like to explore different lyrical and musical styles in a lot of different languages. A few of them are Japanese and Arabic.

What has been the feedback to your work?

The feedback to my work has been pretty positive. I’ve received really good feedback for my blend of musical styles and my ability to create music that connects with listeners on a deep emotional level. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my music connecting with people from all around the world.

Have you had formal training in music?

Yes and no. I’ve had formal training in music, particularly in guitar. I even completed grades in guitar at Trinity College London. However, my musical path started with self-teaching, and much of what I do now, including running my own music studio, is self-learned through hands-on experience and experimentation.

How did you master technology?

I mastered technology through self-instruction and first-hand experience. With a natural interest in technology, I delved into learning various music production software and equipment on my own. I’ve been working in major music recording studios in different countries and continents, which has been instrumental in my learning process. Especially, my upcoming album ‘Intersection’, has further raised my technical skills. It’s been a long journey of exploring and applying what I’ve learned, pushing myself creatively along the way.

How do you blend technological creations and traditional singing?

Blending technological creations with traditional singing is all about finding the right balance. I use technology to enhance the sound of traditional instruments and vocals, experimenting with effects and production techniques to create a unique sound that adds to the emotional depth of the music.

What are your future plans?

My future plans involve continuing to push the boundaries of my creativity and exploring new musical territories. I’m currently working on a new album that is more diverse and ambitious than anything I’ve done before, and I’m excited to share it with the world. I also hope to collaborate with more artists from around the globe, and continue to grow as a musician and storyteller.

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