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‘Liposuction is no substitute for a healthy diet or regular exercise’


Dr. Maher Alahdab, a leading double-board certified plastic surgeon, poses for a photograph.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter

Liposuction is no substitute for a healthy diet or regular exercise, insists Dr. Maher Alahdab, a leading double-certified plastic surgeon, during an exclusive Facebook live interview with the Gulf Today team in Dubai.

Dr. Maher, who consults at the Canadian Medical Center in Dubai, went on to shed some light on how liposuction would be prescribed only for people around the ideal weight with inappropriate body fat and not for extremely obese individuals.

Botox and fillers amongst youngsters are a growing demand, says the doctor, as he explained the importance of making sure the patient passes the health and safety tests before going ahead with any surgery.

‘Fillers are dangerous if not done carefully, the only safest way to get the nose fixed is to get Rhinoplasty done by an experienced surgeon’, he insists.

Dr. Maher consults at the Canadian Medical Center in Dubai.

Dr. Maher also advises patients to quit smoking and use a sun block when they step out to avoid wrinkles and save the skin from ageing faster.

Other than causing health damages, the doctor says, smoking reduces the healing process by making it a lot slower.

Dr. Maher tells us about how recovering takes time after such surgeries and one should be patient and take good care of themselves through the process.

Other than mastering various types of plastic surgeries, Dr. Maher is also renowned for the ‘Hollywood look’ surgery, which he says is to focus on the high-cheekbones and broader jaw lines.

Inspired by Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Dr. Maher is known to make his patients start looking like they just walked out from Hollywood.

Dr. Maher ended the session by telling us how he makes sure he customizes every procedure depending on the likes and dislikes of the patient.

He says ‘no two people are alike’ and we absolutely agree.



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