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Ukrainian fashion designer, Ivan Frolov, equips doctors with protective clothing to help battle coronavirus


Ukrainian fashion designer Ivan frolov speaks while demonstrating medical protective coveralls.

Ukrainian fashion designer Ivan Frolov has postponed work on his new collection and is making coveralls for doctors to meet a shortage of protective clothing during the coronavirus epidemic.


Frolov, whose outfits are worn by Gwen Stefani and Mila Jovovich, said he could not stand aside when the number of coronavirus cases in Ukraine is growing every day.


"We keep doing what we are good at. We are not doing anything extraordinary.


designer22 Ivan Frolov inspects a medical protective coverall in his show room in Kiev.


Our production is under the quarantine regime, security measures are at the highest level," Frolov, whose fashion creations are known for their provocation and sexuality, a section of the media.


"The real heroes in these circumstances are our doctors, who without real protection have to gear up for an epidemic on a serious scale," he added.


Seamstresses are working long hours to produce the coveralls made of a special fabric, known as spunbond, that is used for workwear.



DESIGNER23 Bottles containing disinfectant are seen in the show room of Ukrainian fashion designer Ivan Frolov in Kiev.



The initiative is supported by volunteers from across Ukraine, who either donate money or buy accessories and fabric used to make the clothing.


Frolov has made his patterns available online so anyone can download them and help with making the coveralls.


Winner of numerous awards, Frolov also advocates social responsibility in the fashion industry.


DESIGNER24 Designer Frolov postponed his work on a new collection and dedicated all of his resources to sewing protective coveralls for doctors.




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In collaboration with a Ukrainian jewellery brand, he created a collection devoted to the fight against HIV, with proceeds used to buy HIV tests.

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