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A veterinary clinic in Cairo asks people not to abandon dogs and cats as they don't transmit the virus


The owner of Bosy, a female cat, gives her a kiss during treatment at a veterinary clinic in Cairo.

The doggies and kitties of a Cairo veterinary clinic have an important message, and they are taking it to the internet.


Don't abandon us. We don't spread the coronavirus.


"We started this campaign after noticing that there were many people leaving dogs and cats outside our clinic," explained veterinarian Corolos Majdi at the animalia clinic in the Egyptian capital.


virus3  Dizzy, a three-month-old female Siberian Husky, and a sign in Arabic reading: "I do not transmit the coronavirus, do not be afraid of me" is seen.


Pets looked after at home are highly unlikely to spread any disease, but dogs or cats abandoned on the street can be dangerous, he said.


Doctors at the clinic decided to let the pets spread the message. They began photographing dogs and cats wearing signs explaining that keeping them is safe.


The photos are posted on social media sites on the internet.


"I don't transmit the coronavirus. Please don't be frightened of me," said Loola, a white French Poodle. Or rather that's what was written on the sign she sported for her photoshoot.


virus4 Julia Joseph, 12, carries her Griffon dog named Snowy after treatments at the animalia Veterinary Clinic center.


Poosey, a 3-year-old long-haired cat, and Snowy, a white Griffon dog, took turns posing with a sign saying: "I love you. Please don't throw me out in the street."




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"Please don't worry, dogs don't transmit the coronavirus," said Snowy's owner, a young girl named Julia Joseph. "God created these animals so we can care for them."

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