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Twitter backs allyship in solidarity with 'Black Lives Matter' amid the pandemic of racism


This image shared by the official Twitter account shows their support for #BlackLivesMatter.

Urging people to be especially mindful of black and brown communities who regularly face threats to their wellbeing, violence, and hate because of their identity, Twitter outlined how to easily practise allyship.

Allyship refers to the lifelong process of building relationships with people belonging to marginalised communities based on trust and consistency.

"Allyship is not about who you are, but what you do consistently and authentically. Do the work," Twitter said in a blog post, adding that its principles of allyship are simple - learn, ask, show up, and speak up.

"Now is a time to take care -- and take action. Now is a time for #Allyship," Marium Qureshi, a programme manager of Inclusion & Diversity at Twitter, and Jade Williams, a program manager of Emerging Content Products at Twitter, wrote in the blog post.

Protests erupted across the US after African-American George Floyd died under police custody on May 25 in Minneapolis.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for the family of Floyd, said that it was the "pandemic of racism" that killed the unarmed African-American man.


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Twitter said that to practise allyship, it is important to first understand the historical and structural contexts that have led to racism and discrimination that are so ingrained in society.

The microblogging platform also provided a suggested reading list.

It also provided a list of 75 ways one can do something for racial justice -- from donating to organisations fighting for racial justice and police reform, to supporting black-owned businesses and signing petitions.

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