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VIDEO: Three eggs get Yemeni national a Guinness World Records title


Mohammed Muqbel with his record holding stack of eggs.

Gulf Today Report

A stack of three eggs on top of each other was recognised by Guinness World Records (GWR) as a new world record when Mohammed Muqbel, a 20-year old Yemeni national living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, successfully stacked them into a tower.

Balanced upright, one at a time on top of each other in a single tower, the ensemble got the global recognition as the ‘largest stack of eggs’. According to GWR, all the eggs had to be stacked simultaneously for at least five seconds, using fresh hen’s eggs, with a perfect, unbroken shell condition.

Mohammed, who has been teaching himself to stack eggs since the age of 6, said the idea was able to identify the centre of the mass of each egg and stack them exactly so that the combined centre of mass of the three eggs was situated directly above the very small base of the stack. According to him, this requires high concentration, patience and practice.

Social media users could not believe what they saw in the video clip.

The video showed an anxious Mohammed stacking up.

One social media user said, “If I were in his place. I would have eaten those eggs… Love egg.”

Another user wrote, "Hats off to you brother. You have got some serious patience to pull this off.”

Another said, "Talent has no limits… Congrats bro."

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