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Hash Design reflects our local heritage, says Emirati designer


Emirati entrepreneur and designer Fatma Al Hashimi.

Raghib Hassan, Staff Reporter


Hash Design is a distinct boutique concept launched by Emirati sisters Fatma and Maryam Al Hashimi, known for its prêt-à-porter, custom-made outfits as well as Arabic local combined with a touch of modern abaya designs. Started as an Instagram account in 2015, Hash Design is a brand that is an inspired result of the sisters’ combined efforts and fascination with fashion.


The boutique is located at Wasl51, Jumeirah 1 block D and also operates the original Instagram account under address hashdesign.


Fatma Al Hashimi started her entrepreneurial journey with a home business that soon gained a substantial Instagram fan base, paving the way for what Hash Design stands for — a home to inspiring designs and elegant outfits.


Fatma holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Zayed University Dubai. She is fluent in Arabic and English, loves to travel, and has participated in over 15 prominent events across the Emirate.


She is regularly featured in local and regional media as an exemplary leader in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship.


With a BBA in Business Management from AUD, Maryam Al Hashimi started her career with international firm AIG (American Insurance Group).


This multinational experience enhanced her overall business and management skills, which became the driving force behind her decision to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.


Her co-creation Hash Design is now a renowned brand name in Dubai that caters to ladies of style seeking timeless, cutting-edge, and elegant fashion pieces.


Gulf Today talks to co-founder of HASH Design Fatma Al Hashimi to know more about her inspiration and journey into the world of fashion:


Tell us something about HASH Design?


With a love for timeless, elegant pieces, I and my sister Maryam Al Hashmi started our entrepreneurial journey with a home business that soon gained a substantial Instagram fan base, paving the way for HASH Design, home to inspiring designs and elegant outfits.HASH Design as a brand is inspired by elegance, simplicity, and strength of Emirati women and the local culture and its offerings are crafted to suit the taste of every modern woman. Starting with abayas to a full line of caftans and ready to wear. Our unique signature stands on the blended heritage with the latest colours and trends.


What inspired you to start your own brand?


The love and support that we got from women across the UAE and beyond inspired us to start our own brand. Initially, we created an Instagram page to share our designs and created an easy-to-buy process for customers. However, selling online was a challenge for us, especially because every size and measurement differs for different people. This motivated us to take the step of launching our special design store to ensure that it is convenient for customers to shop and reach out to us, at all times.


What differentiates your brand from others?


Our unique, elegant and modern designs are inspired by our culture and reflect the Emirati heritage blended with international fashion trends – this is what differentiates us from others. We are as modern as we are classic.


How do you select designs?


There is an inspiration for each collection launched. Small things might play a big role in inspiring designs at HASH. Each occasion might inspire a different mood, style, colour, and hence the outcome – the pieces ultimately created are a rare mix of trendy and traditional. I have been fascinated by colourful fabrics and some of the most outstanding pieces from our last summer collection made use of those fabrics in a very interesting way. However, I am making sure to keep the simplicity and modern cuts in mind.


How has Maryam’s experience of working in a corporate helped her in her own business?


Maryam helps in making wiser trade decisions and takes care of the business in general. She has been a driving force behind pioneering activities in the fashion industry and her experience has been the cornerstone of HASH Design brand, which is now a well-known brand name, thanks to her efforts and business acumen.


Which international designers have inspired you and why?


I personally get inspired by designers such as Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel. Their designs are elegant and they are the icon of international fashion.


What special creations do you have for Eid Al Adha?


We designed a special collection on Eid Al Adha which is inspired by the African spirit and Boho style — it's a distinct and a truly modern collection.


How do you see your brand’s journey?


Initially, it was just a hobby, and after that it became a success story and innovation of special designs, a march in which many challenges and difficulties were surmounted by insistence and confidence in our distinctive designs. We do not design for sale and profits, we embody the spirit of creativity and passion for design and work towards having a distinctive imprint in the fashion world.


What is the most challenging part of being in this business?


All projects face some challenges, but any woman who wants to be a part of such journey must follow her passion. Planning, creativity, and innovation are the key to the success of any business idea. Challenges are hurdles that can be overcome by love for your work and a strong will outshine. In our case our willingness to take the Emirati heritage to international fashion stages kept us going and still keeps inspiring us to create more designs.



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