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Women with gestational diabetes more prone to COVID-19 complications

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The official spokesman for the UAE Government Dr Omar Al Hammadi during a media briefing on the latest update on coronavirus said that diabetic people and people who have high blood sugar are at greater risk of infection.

Hammadi warned diabetic patients in general, individuals with type 1 and women with gestational diabetes that they are more likely to get complications associated with COVID-19.

High blood sugar increases the potential of lung infection in COVID 19 patients, and diabetic patients are more prone to complications.


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Answering the most common FAQs about the incubation period of the virus, Al Hammadi said, “The incubation period of the virus ranges from two to 14 days, as such the home isolation period required is 2 weeks for travelers to the UAE and for first contacts of positive COVID-19 patients.”

He continued, “Symptoms begin within 4 to 5 days after infection, while symptoms are delayed for the elderly and those with chronic diseases.”

Al Hammadi noted that infection may occur even without the appearance of pathological symptoms, indicating that the rate of infection is high for those who suffer from symptoms and signs of disease.

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