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VIDEO: Chimpanzee cleaning its cage with a broom blows up the Internet

Chimpanzee 1

A combo image shows the Chimpanzee cleaning its cage.

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A video of a chimpanzee cleaning its cage with a broom has been doing the rounds on social media.

Obviously, evolution suggests that primates are the closest link to human beings, and the video of the chimp from Estonia seems to clarify that.  

The chimp discovered the broom in its cage after it was mistakenly left behind by one of the zookeepers.

The video showed the chimpanzee picking it up as if it was told to and then diligently sweeping the surroundings. The primate even dipped into a bucket for water. 

The chimpanzee also cleaned its glass enclosure.


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It is not known whether it has ever seen any zookeeper doing the cleaning, but one thing is clear: chimpanzees can pick up things pretty fast.

The video went viral and prompted many to visit the Tallinn Zoo in Tallinn, Estonia.

Zookeepers said that they have witnessed a significant increase in footfall ever since the video came into the public light.

Officials said that they are hoping that the chimpanzee could pick up more human tasks in the future.

As for now, we all can enjoy the video.    

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