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Maintaining pH balance crucial for healthy skin: Expert


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The skin's pH can be impacted by nearly anything: The skin care products you use, what you're washing it with (classic soaps are too alkaline), how often you're washing it and even what you're eating, according to IANS.

Similarly, if you're using products that are too acidic or too basic, you could alter the skin's pH, Dermatalogist Anju Methil points out.

"Skin's pH plays an important role in skin condition. The acid mantle is the key to skin's protective barrier. It neutralizes alkaline-based aggressors (such as harsh surfactants), inhibits the growth of bacteria, restores, and maintains the optimal acid environment in which skin's natural flora can thrive.

Hence, when the skin is exposed to products that have a high pH balance, it starts getting affected by the damaging radicals, which increases the aging process," she tells.

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The acidic nature is due to the natural secretions of the skin like the sebum, aminoacids and fatty acids. The skin's barrier is slightly acidic for a reason: to keep moisture in and bacteria out.

If your pH balance is off and it's too alkaline, your skin is going to look flaky and red. If it's too acidic, you'll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne. A good diet as well as topical agents containing probiotic will help to regain the skin PH, Methil states.

Adhering to skincare routines and discovering DIYs are fun but it is essential to understand our skin texture before indulging in a routine found online. The first step is to complement your skincare routine with a healthy diet.

She suggests: "Ensure starting your day with lemon water or turmeric water followed by eating nuts and fresh fruits. Maintain a diet chart including wholesome foods that are high in nutrition and help build your body inside out. Also, hydrate yourself regularly. Hydrating will help to flush out the waste from your body, fight off wrinkles, and give your outer layer a healthy glow."

Facial Yoga is known to be effective to help maintain the glow of the skin. It helps in strengthening your face muscles, increasing blood circulation, and releases tension in the face and neck.

"Practicing facial Yoga for 20 minutes every day will help rejuvenate your skin and mind and help tighten your skin. It is important to stitch different aspects to maintain your skin health especially the right way. Facial yoga works best to soothe the skin along with protecting it from potential drooping."

Naturally, our skin starts getting affected by the damaging radicals, which increases the aging process. Hence, it is important to understand the depth of learning about how pH works.

Dr Methil adds: "Choosing the right product will help keep your skin stay intact and protect it from the harshness of acid. Soaps having a pH balance of 5.5 is ideal for Indian skin. They maintain the softness and keeps it healthy for a long period."

Amid choosing the best skincare routine and complementing it with the right skincare products, it is important to study and understand the texture of your skin. Hence, complement your healthy regime in the ideal way that helps you keep your skin healthy and safe.

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