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Bookseller lends out teddy bears across Paris

Teddy bear 2

Children look through the window of a cafe at teddy bears set up. AP

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A bookshop owner in Paris is lending out giant teddy bears to help people remain plush during the gloomy days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Philippe Labourel has been lending out oversized stuffed animals since October 2018. Teddy bear 1

Philippe Labourel carries a giant teddy bear into a bakery in Paris. AP

Since the pandemic forced people to go into lockdown, giant teddy bears have been spotted across Paris.

From bus stops to shops, the bears are all around, reminding customers to maintain social distance. 

"Don’t ask me why I did it in the first place, but I decided to loan the bears everywhere to make people smile,” Labourel said. 

Teddy bear

Teddy bears placed at tables in Les Deux Magots restaurant. AP

Labourel’s bookshop and "Bear cave,” is situated in the Gobelins district, in the south of Paris. The bear-giver maintains a mysterious air to add to the unexpected delight that comes with encountering one of his cuddly creatures.

He said he has acquired many more bears since last year, but will not say from where or how many make up his soft arsenal.



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