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Dubai, a paradise for content makers


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Dubai has been growing as the paradise for film and video content makers across the world.
The country is the breeding ground for fresh content. Digital content creation plays the pivotal role in the marketing strategies prevailing in the current advertising scenario. Here’s how the various characteristics of the city make it the perfect hub for content makers across the world. Read on.

Consistent demand for unique content

According to research, video marketing produces the most conversions and the audiences are much more likely to connect with and share, as compared to other means of content marketing.

Video content accentuates the brand awareness and add to the connection between the brand and its audience. There is a consistent demand for creative video marketing strategies in Dubai, owing to the co-existence of diverse communities and their requirements. Catering to the demands and needs of the people, the filmmaking fraternity in the country produces diverse quality content.

Largest population of social media users

The region is the fastest growing in the world for businesses and the average time spent on social media and other entertainment choices are higher than the global average. Dubai has earned itself a promising reputation for being a one-stop shop for content creators. Brands in Dubai leverage this aspect by bringing in unique campaigns and video marketing strategies, collaborating with talent across the world.

The format in which the video production is tailored, plays a pivotal role in optimizing the reach.

Social media has turned out to be the strongest medium to connect with the audience. The medium especially cater to the marketers driven by data. There is provision to track, measure and monetize the audience engagement to the video content, in the most effective way.

Researchers prove that an average internet user spends 85% more time on a website or a social media platform that contains video content. The videos produced are tailored to suit the particular platforms, in terms of duration, frame size, aspect ratio and style. The availability of enormous content in the pool pushes the creators in Dubai to pursue creative content that stands out and speaks for itself.

Post-pandemic lockdown

Dubai stays ahead of its game by being one of the very few countries to open gate for film and content makers post pandemic situations, providing them with the permission and support to create unique content. The country does play host to a large number of travel bloggers, social media influencers, actors and filmmakers from across the world, widening the scope of filmmaking opportunities in Dubai.

Convenience of execution

The convenience of shooting, the easy availability of high-end equipment, accessibility to locations, top-notch studios, support from the leading encouragement of the authorities and the public alike have added to the creators preferring Dubai for their body of work.

Wide array of choices

Dubai is home to incredible options and a broad selection of entertainment and content creation potential. The content creators draw inspiration by gliding across the local water canals, riding through the tracks, and capture the essence of the culture.

The wide array of artistic and leisure opportunities in the country adds to its glowing recommendation. This includes scenic desert dunes, serene mountains, captivating city life, the diverse and broad selection of food cuisines and numerous other choices that help the tourists and residents alike to unwind and let their hair down.

Ideal grounds for optimum content distribution

Content distribution strategies plays as important a role as creating them. Effective marketing strategies emphasize on optimum reach of content.

The idea is to cater to the demands and requirements of the targeted audience, and reach out to them on a broader level. Leading video production company in Dubai, The Company films, on collaboration with the diverse talent pool the country houses and with talents across the world, churned out unique content that has placed the whole filmmaking community of the country, in the global map.

It is for this reason that the brands prefer collaborating and working with Film production companies, Animation video production companies and Video production companies in Dubai, as they open the wide windows of opportunities of optimum delivery of the produced content and increase brand awareness.

In a gist

In a world of over-saturated film plots, repetitive commercials and music video content, films produced in Dubai stands a class apart. It is the ideal breeding ground for content makers, with its vast horizon of opportunities, convenience of execution and welcoming nature. This brings to the irrefutable conclusion that Dubai continues to be the hotbed for video production and content creators, making it the “Hollywood” of the Middle east, with fresh, promising and world class content.

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