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VIDEO: Cypriot divers give CPR to resuscitate turtle trapped in fishing net


An image taken from a video grab shows one of the divers massaging the turtle.

Gulf Today Report

Cypriot free divers George Argyriou and Valeriu Nuta gave CPR to resuscitate a juvenile green turtle (Chelonia mydas) after they found it trapped in a net underwater at Limnara Beach, in the Cypriot port town of Ayia Napa.

George Argyriou said they "felt so happy to see this amazing animal free and alive again" after nearly an hour and a half of their efforts performing the CPR and massaging it's neck and legs.

Robin Snape, Research Associate, Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of Exeter and board member of the Society for Protection of Turtles (SPOT) based in the northern part of the divided island of Cyprus said, "It is very commendable that this team had the foresight to try to resuscitate this juvenile green turtle and good to see that it seemed to recover."

"Although the turtle apparently recovered, there may be water in its airways and lungs and so a post-release mortality is possible,” Snape added.

Thousands of sea turtles drown in bottom-set fishing nets across the Mediterranean island each year. Many fishermen contact hotlines when they have cases of turtles that are comatose, due to having inhaled water during bycatch.

In this case, turtles are intubated at a rehabilitation centre and water is drawn out of the airways and they may be given oxygen, a process that can be quite successful.

Experts said that the general recommendation is if someone finds a drowned turtle is to invert it by raising its hind quarters to allow any water to drain from its airways and either transport it to a rehab centre or call the appropriate hotline.

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