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Mispronouncing everyday words: Some irritating examples

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Some words can be quite tricky, pronouncing them trickier. Take the awfully long word floccinaucinihilipilification, for instance. It is the act or habit of considering something as worthless. Or even tongue twisters, such as ‘She sells seashells on the seashore.”


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Now pronouncing exotic or rare words can be a very challenging task, even if they strain the tongue. But what about common, everyday words?

A new poll shows some aberrations.

If you say ‘probly’ instead of ‘probably, ‘then you have roiled the moods of many people.

Over 2,000 Britishers took part in the survey.

Twenty-six per cent of the respondents however, were furious when people used the word “expresso” instead of “espresso”.

Or saying Artick” as opposed to “Arctic.”

Some more culprits:

   • Nucular for nuclear (19 per cent)

    • Tenderhooks for tenterhooks (18 per cent)

    • Excetera for et cetera (18 per cent)

    • Assessory for accessory (15 per cent)

    • Triathalon for triathlon (9 per cent)

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