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Swiss firm develops technique to produce human skin patches


A medic displays a sample of freshly developed patch of skin.

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The Swiss startup company known as “CUTISS” developed a state-of-the-art device to mass-produce skin patches to be used medically to treat millions of severe burns around the world.

The company said the skin patches produced are nether totally artificial nor considered completely natural, but rather equivalent to the bioengineered skin tissue.

The technique relies on taking a sample of the patient's skin to produce new cells in the lab, and then combining them with the hydrogel material to produce the desired skin patch.

Contrary to previous innovations in this field, the device can produce a very large skin patch from the sample taken, up to about 100 times the size of the original sample, which effectively contributes to treating many severe burns at a faster speed and a lower cost.

The device has already passed the initial testing phase, and obtained initial licences to classify it in the category of "important drugs for the treatment of rare diseases."

The company said it would expand its self-financing business to reach the most needy places at affordable prices, especially in countries most affected by severe skin burns.

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