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VIDEO: This Emirati woman takes care of 60 cats in her house


Nadia Salem Al Ma'amari caresses a cat at her home.

 Mona Al Badawi, Staff Reporter

Emirati woman Nadia Salem Al Ma'amari harnessed her capabilities to take care of street cats, feeding them and treating those injured as a result of run-over accidents or those who were exposed to diseases, and then sheltering them in her home.

She also houses these cats in her house where she allocated a part to care for more than 60 cats.

Nadia used to stop on the street to see a cat which has signs of disease, or helpless and can hardly move.


If she finds any, she instantly takes it to a veterinary clinic for treatment and vaccination and then put it with the other cats in the house, where she provided the highest levels of care.

In her house, Nadia provided an isolation part, a part for small cats, a refrigerator for keeping medications and a place for the necessary care tools, as well as places for playing and cameras to monitor cats.


Al Ma'amari, who loves breeding and riding horses said, "I began to raise and take care of cats since 2015 when my colleague wanted to get rid of his cat, and asked me to take care of it.

I did not think and took it to my house. At that time my journey with cats started.”

About a funny thing she experienced, Nadia said, “One of the street cats once brought its five young to my house after birth, and I found myself responsible for them."

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