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VIDEO: A rare condition turns Filipino teenager into an elderly woman

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A combo image shows Raizel Calago.

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A 16-year-old Filipino girl Raizel Calago is living with a rare condition after her features have changed and look like a 50-year-old woman.

The girl experienced these changes in just two years due to a rare genetic disorder that caused her to age quickly, explaining that she began joining beauty pageants when she was fourteen years old because of her mature appearance. She added that wrinkles started to appear on her face, neck, arms and stomach within days of getting a rash on her body.


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He continued, “It's like the skin of a bitter melon because it's really wrinkled,” noting that she had red itchy patches that were painful to the touch.

The girl said she once went for a medical check-up and was told she contracted the disease from an insect and took medicine, but it had no effect.

Some say that her mother, Joyla, is 36 years younger than her.

Endocrinologist Dr. James Young, who initially diagnosed her with premature aging said, “We only have about 200 documented cases around, and its most prominent manifestation is wrinkling or aging of the skin and stunted growth."

Ever since her story made headlines around the world, social media users were sympathetic with her.

Aminah said, “I feel so sad for her, we can't imagine how insecure she feels, how insecure how much anxiety she feels.”

Anaaa wrote, “Teenage years are rough but this princess is stronger. Super reassuring to see her circles are supportive and positive  Wish her a lifetime of happiness and love! ️”

Melissa King said, “She is a true inspiration and only at 16 dealing with so much. Just such a beautiful soul inside and out.”

Sandra Buechner said, “It's hard enough being a 16 year old girl. Having this condition, with no diagnosis, must be terrible to deal with. I'm glad her family is so loving and supportive to her.”



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