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VIDEO: Dubai, the go-to ‘Destination’ for living, realising aspirations

Residents and tourists enjoy kitesurfing at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai, the emirate on which the sun never sets, has become the focus of the world's attention, gathering around it the aspirations of young people and adults, as well as children, to live in it.

Dubai destinations… a new initiative that arouses the passion of peoples to live in, as it carries with it new visions and qualitative paths to empower the Emirate of Dubai, to be the best in the world in terms of living, education, work and building the future.

The vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to strengthen the position of the UAE, and his directives to make Dubai the best city for life, work and visit in the world, was behind this initiative launched by the Dubai Media Council.

In cooperation with a package of government and semi-governmental departments, agencies, institutions and the private sector in Dubai, as well as the participation of the creative community in the emirate.
The initiative focuses on enhancing the attractiveness of the UAE and reviewing the elements of its global distinction, especially in the wake of the return of life to normal and the flourishing of various activities and events in various parts of it, as well as benefiting from the distinguished position of Dubai and its advanced rank with its unique developed destinations "socially, culturally, sports and economically".

The initiative focuses on three effective goals that are a new addition to the history of Dubai’s distinction and uniqueness, including supporting the creative community, talents and creative energies and giving it the opportunity to participate in a collective effort to put the main destinations in Dubai in the spotlight, and encourage entrepreneurs and small projects in those destinations, with a focus on giving them visibility enough that contributes to its success and development.

The list of entities participating in the initiative included “Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), Dubai Holding, Dubai Sports Council, and Dubai Government Media Office, with the participation of a large number of members of the creative community in Dubai.

The idea of the initiative is inspired by the saying of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, “The earth changes its mantle, the sky changes its cloak, and the sun its positions,” indicating that the secret of life lies in movement, change and development.

The initiative focuses on developing a complete agenda that includes events, events and activities in Dubai, as well as the elements of attraction in the open spaces, and its awakening atmosphere and typical temperatures, where everyone can enjoy a large number of activities and events in the open air, suitable for all tastes and different ages. Marine destinations, beaches, public parks, nature reserves, or other places where all the elements of comfort and happiness for its visitors were taken into account, so that Dubai narrates in a new step its history of distinction and attraction again.

Dubai has a global transportation network that enables visitors to reach all destinations easily and easily, as well as paths dedicated to exercising in vital areas in Dubai, including the Jumeirah Corniche, Dubai Water Canal, public parks, Safa and Zabeel Park, Al Khor and Al Burj, as well as the paths that include a large group of Residential communities in the emirate.

The initiative is a unique step to enhance the position and attractiveness of Dubai, especially as it includes all destinations that are a destination for visitors hosted by Dana Al Alam, where public parks and green spaces in residential communities, where 191 public parks spread in Dubai with a total area of about 8 million square meters, as well as areas The picturesque desert that Dubai enjoys, which includes safari trips, sand skiing, camping and the reserves “Al Marmoum, Ras Al Khor and Jebel Ali”, which is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The initiative focuses on lighting a number of cultural and artistic destinations, including museums, art galleries, heritage sites, and historical facilities, which include qualitative events that confirm the extent of Dubai's development and distinction, as the "Etihad Museum" is the most prominent destination documenting the founding stage of the union.

Dubai is a global sports center, due to its sports facilities, stadiums and equipment designed according to the latest and highest specifications, attracting the most important major world championships in various popular games, such as football, cricket, golf and tennis, so the initiative focuses on sports of all kinds to be among the list of attractive ingredients in Dubai.

Dubai provides the opportunity to practice a lot of sports activities for adventure lovers who find their purpose, for example, diving in the deepest basin designated for this purpose in the world, which is listed in the World Encyclopedia of Records, which is “Deep Dive Dubai” with a depth of 60.2 meters. Skydive Dubai flights, to enjoy the unique landmarks of Dubai from a height of more than 4,000 meters above the ground.

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