Expo 2020 Dubai showcases giant ginger cake house - GulfToday

Expo 2020 Dubai showcases giant ginger cake house


Ginger cake house at Expo 2020.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Ginger cake house is a type of decorations, which is associated with the Christmas celebrations.

The house is usually made of the fragile ginger biscuits which is made of ginger cakes.

There is another type of ginger houses which is made of dough which can be formed like clay to make small shapes and decorations.

These houses are decorated with cream and sweets.

They are common decorations in Christmas, and children usually participate in making them.

In Expo Dubai 2020, the streets and the courtyards are ornamented with Christmas celebrations’ decorations, and the Ginger cake House is one of the most important ornaments, which attracts both children and adults in the splendid Mobility Pavilion.

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