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Dubai is second in the world in terms of healthy lifestyle

Residents enjoy kite surfing on a beach in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai has been ranked among the best luxury and healthiest cities in the world, according to a recent report issued by the British health website Linstor.

The "Healthy Lifestyle in Cities 2022" report examined the performance of 44 global cities across 10 metrics ranging from pollution levels and hours of sunshine to the average cost of gym memberships.

Dubai ranked second in the world after Vienna, thanks in part to the duration of the sun's brightness, which reaches 3,509 hours per year, in addition to the outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts, which number about two thousand activities.

The top ten ranks included Copenhagen in third place, followed by Frankfurt in fourth, Amsterdam in fifth, Helsinki in sixth, Berlin in seventh, and Stockholm, Fukuoka and Geneva in eighth, ninth and tenth places, respectively.

The top 10 cities for a healthy lifestyle are dominated by the United States, with New York ranked as the worst.

With the United States facing the highest levels of obesity, which is 36.2 percent of the population, as well as cities like Washington DC, Chicago and Boston all having long working hours, the US may not be the best place to live a happy and healthy life.

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