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Avril Lavigne explains why she always does her own makeup

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Avril Lavigne poses for a photograph.

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Avril Lavigne has opened up about her style and why she won’t let anyone else apply her makeup for her.

Lavigne, 37, is known for her kohl-rimmed eye makeup look, which often consists of a dark eyeshadow on her lids and slightly smudged black eyeliner on her bottom lashline.

The Complicated singer discussed her iconic smoky eye and why she always does it herself during a recent interview with “Allure.”

“I just can’t stand people doing my makeup, because I know how I like it,” she explained. “If anything, I do half of it or let them touch me up. No one can do it right.”

“Plus, I can’t sit in a chair for an hour while someone’s doing my makeup,” she added. “It drives me nuts, especially when I can do my smoky eye in two minutes.”

According to the singer, putting on her own makeup has also became a daily ritual. And on days when she has early shoots, the ritual takes place before she leaves her house.


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“I literally wake up, I go to my bathroom, and start my makeup,” she said. She noted that once her face is cleaned, she begins applying her makeup, and typically does her eyes last.

While she’s mainly used Mac Smolder eyeliner for the last 20 years, she also knows when to branch out, and how to blend the black liner with other colours for different smoky eye looks.

“I’ve learned over the years that you want to do some browns in there and some grey in with it, too,” she said. “Then you use the black. If you just do solid black, it’s really hard to get it a good shape.”

However, Lavigne also revealed that, this year, she has slightly changed her makeup technique, as she’s working on her liquid eyeliner skills.

“It’s a little more glamorous, I’ll wing it out with a liquid liner,” she said. “It took me literally up until a year ago to figure out how to use liquid eyeliner. It was always so hard for me. And now I can just - ha, ha, no pun intended - wing it and do it really fast.”

This is not the first time Lavigne has spoken about her sense of style, as she told “Nylon” in December that she previously chose her own clothes without the help of a stylist.

“I do look back and think some things are funny,” she said. “I didn’t have a stylist, and I wore my own clothes out of my suitcase for a year, over and over. I didn’t have makeup and hair people. I was just like, straight dirty, rock hair. But also that’s what made me, me.”

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