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Prince William faces backlash over comments about war in Africa and Asia: ‘It’s alien to see this in Europe’


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Prince William is facing backlash after he said that the bloodshed in Ukraine is “alien” to Europe unlike conflicts in Africa and Asia.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its third week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met volunteers at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London, who were filling lorries with aid to support humanitarian relief efforts.

Speaking to the volunteers, William, 39, said: “It’s very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you,” he said, adding that he wanted to do more to help. “We feel so useless.”

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William’s comments sparked outrage on social media with users calling out the second in line to the throne for being “racist” and not recognising the history of the British colonial empire as well as recent conflicts in Europe.

“Prince William says conflict is ‘very alien’ to Europe, unlike Asia & Africa,” wrote human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid.

“How do you have a 1,000 year history of colonialism, a literal 100 year war, launch 2 World Wars, allow multiple genocides, & bomb a dozen nations since 9/11 alone—yet make this type of a statement,” he asked.

Author Omid Scobie wrote that he was “unsurprised to see backlash” against William.

“Europe has seen some of the bloodiest conflict in the past two centuries—Balkans, Yugoslavia, Germany and Kosovo to name a few. But sure, let’s normalise war and death in Africa and Asia,” he added.

Another user wrote: “So after your ancestors, Prince William, stole, colonised, caused genocide, on so many lands. You decided to make this statement. Your country was built on wars. It’s literally your history.”

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“I wouldn’t mind all the Caribbean countries just cancel your trip.”

William and Kate are slated to visit the Caribbean for the first time later this month and will visit countries including Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize.

Some users also claimed on social media that William’s comments indicated that it was he who had asked Meghan Markle about the colour of her and Prince William’s son Archie’s skin tone.

Political strategist Atima Omara wrote: “More reason as to why I just continue to believe it was Prince William who asked Harry what the skin colour of his nephew was gonna be… not saying it couldn’t be other family members but when Meghan said it could be ‘damaging’ to the person who said it.”

Author Morgan Jerkins wrote: “Prince William’s comments about Africa are so ridiculously ignorant that he is not doing himself any favours of dodging those rumours that he’s the one in the royal family who asked about Archie’s skin colour.”

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American author Christopher Andersen alleged in his new book that Prince Charles was the unnamed “senior royal” who speculated about the skin colour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s future children. However, Clarence House denied the claims. Harry and Meghan have not shared the name in public.

Many users demanded an apology from William, as they reminded him of British history.

William’s comments come amid backlash that the western media in the US, UK and France has faced in recent weeks over its “racially biased coverage” of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Political commentators of several outlets have highlighted how Ukrainians’ “white skin” and proximity to the west makes the present conflict so close to home.

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