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VIDEO: Russian fashion models slice their Chanel luxury bags in two over Russophobia and sanctions


Victoria Bonya and DJ Katya Guseva slice their Chanel luxury bags.

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Russian fashion models and social media influencers in a rare show of defiance cut off their super expensive Chanel bags in protest over "Russophobia.”

The move started after Chanel imposed a sales ban on those who are selling their products to Russia.

Model Victoria Bonya, who has 9.3 million followers on Instagram, reportedly started the trend “Bye Bye Chanel.”   

In a video, Bonya is seen standing on the balcony with a Chanel bag in her hand and scissors.

Bonya, speaking in English, said, “I must say if the house of Chanel does not respect the customers, why should we respect the house of Chanel?”

Then she is seen cutting the handbag with scissors and then threw it away. She wrote in the caption, "Never seen any brand behave in a disrespectful manner towards their customers."

Bonya is not the only one seen cutting off her bag, Russian actress and TV presenter Marina Ermishkina shared a similar video of herself cutting a Chanel bag with what appeared to be garden shears.

Another prominent Russian, DJ Katya Guseva with over 587,000 followers on Instagram, put an end to her Chanel bag.

Katya said that she always dreamed of having a branded bag and that she got the item last year.

Katya wrote, “After learning about the brand’s policy towards Russians, I decided to remove these bags from my daily life until the situation changes and support Marina Ermoshkina’s challenge!”

According to the latest sanctions over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, EU prohibit the sale of luxury goods over €300 to those in Russia.

The sanctions also prohibit the sale of luxury goods to persons who intend to transport them to Russia or use them in Russia.

Chanel bags for beginners cost around £2000.

Fashion insiders say the brand's decision would not have been easy because they are set to take a financial hit. "It’s bold for Chanel - this is almost unprecedented. The house is putting its principles above the buck,” said Long Nguyen, a prominent fashion critic. "Russia is one of their biggest luxury markets, and Chanel is certain to suffer financially from this choice," he said. "But it’s also political for the brand - as it wants to appeal to Gen Z clients who are largely opposed to the war.”

Chanel on Wednesday, is simply a case of complying with trade sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, Switzerland and others that prohibit transactions with designated individuals.

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