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Nayla Al Baloushi becomes first Emirati to scale Mount Everest

Nayla Al Baloushi poses for a photograph before scaling Mt Everest.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Emirati adventurer Nayla Al Baloushi became the first woman from the UAE to reach the top of Mt. Everest at 8848.86m.

Nayla completed the feat on May 14th 2022, around 8am Nepal time.  

Nayla said her supportive husband Saeed Al Memari is the source of inspiration that led her to climb the world's highest peak.

Both husband and wife are adventurers.

Saeed has also climbed Mount Everest twice.


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Now with Nayla’s record, the duo have become the first Arab couple to summit the world's highest mountain.

It is noteworthy; Saeed is the first Emirati to scale Mount Everest in 2012.

Nayla Al Baloushi prepares for a trekking trip.

He was also part of the first team from the UAE in 2016 along with armed forces to climb the summit.

Nayla’s record-breaking feat started three months ago.

That included training, maintaining the body weight and acclimatising to extreme weather conditions.

Nayla said that it took her 10 days to reach the top from the base camp. She was accompanied by a Nepalese Sherpa guide.

She stayed in two camps after leaving the base, staying for six days, which is considered the final launch ground to the top.

Nayla is not new to trekking and adventure. She has scaled the Greater Ararat in Turkey and Armenia, Mount Cameroon and Mount Hoverla in Ukraine.

Talking about her husband, Saeed Al Memari is a national icon. He is an inspiration for the country. His passion for climbing and his mission of peace is indeed praiseworthy.

Saeed-Al-Memari Saeed Al Memari is the first Emirati adventurer to climb the seven highest peaks in the world. Supplied photo

Saeed has many accolades under his belt, from being the first Emirati to climb Mount Everest to becoming the first Emirati to climb K2, the most dangerous peak in the world twice.

He is also the first Emirati adventurer to climb the seven highest peaks in the world.

The unique initiative “Peak for Peace” is the brainchild of Saeed.

Saeed’s goal is to reach 246 peaks in seven continents to spread the message in five years’ time.

He has completed 68 peaks out of 246 peaks so far, so his journey is on and his courage is unwavering.

A barrage of comments flooded social media sites congratulating the young Emirati woman.

Subash Neupane said on Facebook, “Huge congratulations and respect for her for climbing the world's highest mountain… Mount Everest, Nepal...”

Atif Afa said, “Mabrook!! Congratulations, and best wishes for you.”

Ashley Watson said, “That's awesome! Congratulations.”

Mohammed Jawaher, said, “Well done! Great achievement!

Last week, Manal Rostom became the first Egyptian woman to raise the Egyptian flag over the highest mountain peak in the world, Mt Everest.

Rostom achieved the feat after a five-day adventure through the rocky, rugged terrain, according to local media.

The 39-year-old posted a video on her Facebook account documenting the moment she reached the top of the highest mountain in the world and raised the Egyptian flag.

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