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VIDEO: Indian couple celebrate birthday of their goat kids with DJ

Goat kids birthday

Raja and his wife with their goats during the birthday party.

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A DJ playing at the birthday party and the guests grooving to its tunes will make everyone think that the birthday boy/girl must be among the luckiest ones to have such grand birthday party.

Well, hold your horses, before jumping to any conclusion, let's first enquire about the ‘centre of attraction’ at the party.

There was no boy or girl dressed in their Sunday best for D-Day, in fact all these arrangements were done for the first birthday of a goat’s kids.

A childless couple in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh's UP's Banda recently celebrated the birthday of a goat's kids with great pomp and show.

The goat delivered two kids Laxmi and Kuber last year.

The couple lives in the Kanshi Ram colony. They have invited all their relatives and friends and also cut a cake to mark the occasion.

They also arranged for a DJ to make the event more grand. The guests even brought blankets and other gifts for the kids on their birthday.

The video of the party is going viral on social media. According to a report on IANS, Raja and his wife have remained childless after their wedding and they decided to celebrate their first birthday of their pet goat’s two kids.

Raja says that they have treated the animals as their own children and have named the kids Kuber and Laxmi. They take them out for a ride on the rickshaw.

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