Paw-sitive passengers who love to em-bark: Dog bus in Alaska goes viral on social media - GulfToday

Paw-sitive passengers who love to em-bark: Dog bus in Alaska goes viral on social media

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A videograb from the viral video.

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Dogs are indeed adorable creatures known for their unflinching loyalty to their masters. Little wonder then that their owners pamper them no end. There are beauty parlours for dogs, where they get grooming and pedicure treatment among other things. There is even an airconditioned gym for dogs, as can be seen in Abu Dhabi. Now, affection for these creatures has hit a whole new level: a bus where the passengers are all dogs.

The dog bus is the brainchild of a couple from Skagway, Alaska.

The dogs behave just like human beings: they wait on pre-assigned spots on snow-covered stretches by the side of the road, hop into the bus and, bursting with cheer and bonhomie, greet their friends. Sniffs and licks follow. Then they get on to a seat – there is no one spot – and are harnessed. The video of the four-legged passengers in the bus has gone viral on social media.


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The bus was bought last winter so that they can pick up and drop their special passengers, according to a report in a section of the Western media.

The company which posted the video, Mo Mountain Mutts, is based in Skagway, Alaska. It is owned by Mo and Lee Thompson. The company touts itself as the town’s dog walker, pet sitter and family dog trainer. It specialises in dog pack walks.

For Mo, it all began when she started taking her friends’ dogs out for a walk during her office lunch breaks. Then there was more demand and at one time, she was finding it hard to cope with the growing number of dogs. It was then that the dog bus idea struck them.

The dogs behave just like human beings. Some of them sit quietly, others behave like rowdies.

The Internet is in love with the cute creatures and just can’t get over them.

Mo looks in the rearview mirror of the bus while she is driving and she sees all the dogs sitting there. She just can’t believe that she is doing this for a living.

Now don’t be surprised if something like this happens in other countries too.

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