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You can show your acne and be beautiful at the same time: British TV star Georgia Toffolo

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Georgia Toffolo poses for a photograph.

Former I’m A Celebrity winner Georgia Toffolo has spoken about her experiences with adult acne after she exited the South African instalment of the ITV programme.

“The Made In Chelsea” star, 28, better known as ‘Toff’, was among the famous faces and former I’m A Celebrity contestants who returned to compete in the all-star edition of the reality series to battle it out to become the first I’m A Celebrity Legend.

Speaking after leaving the show, Toffolo said: “I’ve been on a really big journey with my acne. When I was in there, my skin really flared up and it was really aggressive acne.


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“There was a part of me that kept on thinking, ‘I really want my concealer.’ Because I’m being really honest, I’m not totally myself when I haven’t got my war paint on. But I’ve been suffering with it now for 15 years and it was really important to me that I didn’t hide behind my concealer.

“There are so many people that struggle with it like I do. And I wanted people to see that A, that’s normal and B, that even if you’ve got every single privilege in life that I do, you can still have it. It doesn’t matter how well off you are, what school you went to or if you’re a celebrity – you can still suffer with it. And that’s all right. It’s not something to hide behind.”

She continued: “I feel like it’s important to show that you can have the spots, but you can also be beautiful at the same time. I had to break through that so I’m really proud of myself.”

Toffolo won I’m A Celebrity in 2017 and has gone on to write romance novels, including “Meet Me In London.”

In 2022, she fronted ITV documentary Georgia Toffolo: In Search Of Perfect Skin, exploring the extreme lengths people would go to in a bid for perfect skin.

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