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Portuguese dog defies expectations, bags a Guinness for living up till 31 years


Bobi sits next to the Guinness certificate at a residence in Conqueiros, Portugal. AP

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The lifespan of a dog, we are told, is between 10 and 13 years. However, the age also depends on their size. For instance, smaller dogs are believed to live up till 16 years. But a dog in Portugal, Bobi, has beaten all theories – and expectations – by living till 31 and continuing to live. It has broken a Guinness record in the process. It celebrated its birthday to mark the same.

Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed of Portuguese dog, was treated to a knees-up in the Portuguese village of Conqueiros, its hometown. The party was attended by over 100 guests. There was a dance troupe to celebrate the occasion.

Local meat and fish dishes were served to the invitees, with extra for Bobi, who only eats food meant for human beings.

"We see situations like this as a normal result of the life that they have, but Bobi is one of a kind,” owner Leonel Costa said.

Costa has owned several age-old dogs in the past. Bobi’s mother lived up to the age of 18, but he never imagined any of his dogs would reach their thirties.

How did the dog end up living for so long? There are two reasons: a total lack of stress, as the environment in which the dog is living is very calm and peaceful. And second, it has never been chained or kept on a leash, thereby roaming the forests surrounding the Costa house of its own free will.

It is also very outgoing and mixing freely with other animals, according to the Associated Press.

Now age has caught up with Bobi; it finds it difficult to walk, so it prefers to stay home. Its vision has worsened, so it often bumps into things when he walks. Just like old people, it immediately lies down in bed after eating, although on cold days it chooses to sleep by the fireplace, his owner said.

Costa says Bobi is special because it reminds him of his family members who passed away, like his brother and father.
"Bobi represents those generations.”

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