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Over 150 dogs join race to support Venezuelan shelters

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People and their dogs attend a race to support Venezuelan shelters for animals, in Caracas, Venezuela. Reuters

More than 150 dogs wearing colorful scarves on their necks participated alongside their owners in a race through Venezuela's capital Caracas on Sunday morning, which was organized to seek support for animal shelters in the country.

Runners and their pets ran for four kilometers (2.49 miles) across eastern Caracas in the second edition of the 'Dog Running' race.

Under Venezuela's prolonged economic collapse, many have left pets in shelters or abandoned them on the streets. Household incomes have been hit by an annual inflation of about 400%, making it hard for pet owners to pay for the basic needs of their animals.

dogs 22 Brody, a Labrador, is petted by care home residents Veronica Jenkinson and Sue Fullard. Reuters

"In each edition (of the race) we support shelters that have taken in animals from the streets in precarious situations," said Andreina Nedjme, organizer of the event.

All participants of the race paid $30 to run with their pets, aiming to give animals a good quality of life while they wait for a family, Nedjme added.

Runners interviewed on the sidelines of the race said they were happy to compete with their pets, noting such activities should be more encouraged in the city. 


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