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Sewa implements projects to enhance Kalba's 'Hanging Gardens'

kalba garden 1

A picturesque view of Kalba's Hanging Gardens.

In a bid to enhance development projects in Kalba, the Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (Sewa has undertaken initiatives to optimise services.

Sewa recently completed the installation of an 11/0.415 kV distribution station, comprising three transformers with a total capacity of 1500 kVA, alongside a 14-km-long 11 kV cable. These infrastructural enhancements aim to cater to the cultural hanging gardens project in Kalba, adhering to stringent quality standards and specifications.

Yousef Mohammed Abdullah Al Hammadi, Acting Director of Kalba Administration, highlighted the meticulous execution of the project in alignment with industry-leading standards.

He emphasised Sewa's establishment of a comprehensive medium and low voltage network to ensure continuous electrical supply to the designated area, paving the way for future projects. Al Hammadi further noted that despite geographical challenges, innovative approaches were employed to overcome logistical hurdles.

Underlining SEWA's commitment to providing top-notch services and robust infrastructure for electricity, water, and natural gas, Al Hammadi emphasised their pivotal role in bolstering developmental and civilisational projects in Kalba. These initiatives, he asserted, not only foster greater prosperity and advancement but also serve as catalysts for attracting investments and boosting tourism in the city.


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