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Kardashian fans disturbed by pictures of Kendall Jenner visiting the Louvre barefoot

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Kendall Jenner poses for a photograph.

Kendall Jenner has shocked fans by going barefoot in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Posting to Instagram recently, Jenner, 28, shared a photograph of herself posing in front of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and The Wedding at Cana by Paola Veronese.

She captioned the post: “The Louvre at midnight.”

Several of her two million followers, however, were quick to point out her glaring absence of footwear.

The reality star is believed to have embarked on a late-night private tour of the museum on Monday (24 June) together with the rapper Bad Bunny, with whom she is romantically linked.

Jenner’s Instagram post also included pictures of sculptures in an empty The Salles des Cariatides and the painted ceiling in the Galerie d’Apollon, suggesting that The Kardashians star may have walked barefoot through several sections of the 400-room museum.

Several social media users voiced concerned over the model’s hygiene.


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“Being barefoot at the Louvre looks very aesthetic until you remember how dirty Paris is,” commented one person on X/Twitter.

Another fan wrote: “Why this obsession of going around barefoot. I understand it makes your pics romantic and aesthetically pleasing but girl the ground is DIRTY. Aesthetic pics with feet touching the ground of Paris yikes have fun cleaning those ones.”

Other people on social media accused Jenner and Bad Bunny of flaunting their wealth.

The Louvre’s private events brochure states that pricing for an out-of-hours private tour of the museum’s permanent collections starts at €10,000 (£8,500).

“A peasant like myself couldn’t even have a selfie stick in there,” commented one person.

Another added: “For a Kardashian-Jenner to once again highlight extreme income inequality in France of all places is pretty ironic.”

“Rich people are so weird,” said someone else.

Not everyone was critical, however, with some fans remarking on what a romantic evening she and Bad Bunny appeared to share.

“Such beautiful photos! The Louvre is amazing at night and you make it even more special,” wrote one person on Instagram.

Bad Bunny and Jenner appear to be dating again following rumours that they’d split in December 2023.

Earlier in the evening on Monday (24 June), the pair was photographed leaving a Paris Fashion Week event together. Previously, Jenner attended the rapper’s concert in Orlando on 20 May.

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