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Man accused of cursing girl


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Mohammed  Barakat, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Misdemeanors Court adjourned to May 5 for defence, the case of an Asian charged with cursing a girl in English saying she was stupid.

The victim told the court that she knew the defendant because he used to visit her sponsor and manager, adding that he had tried to assault her twice but she turned him away and told her manager. The latter reportedly asked him not to disturb her but he kept trying to communicate with her and when she did not respond to him, he cursed her.

The suspect denied the charges before the court.

In another case, A 25-year-old Khaleeji man died after his motorbike crashed early Wednesday in the Hamidiya, Ajman.

Major Fuad Al Khaja, head of traffic and patrols at Ajman Police, said  the accident took place on Sheikh Zayed Road in the Al-Hamidiya. The accident happened when the motorbike, that was being driven by the deceased, crashed to the side pavement and a vehicle parked on the side followed by flipping over. The young man died on the spot due to critical injuries before the arrival of the ambulance, Al Khaja added.

The police patrols and the national ambulance immediately rushed to the scene once the operations room was alerted about the accident. The young man died before the arrival of the ambulance to the scene.

In another case, two public employees took advantage of their job when they stole Dhs3,380 from a bananas seller whom they took to a deserted area on the pretext of interrogation.

The victim testified before the Dubai Public Prosecution that on the day of the incident while he was selling bananas in Jebel Ali, a security patrol stopped, and one of its members got-off and walked to him.  He asked him about the price of bananas, then seized him and drove away to a sandy area, however they did not ask for his ID card. They then took him out of the patrol’s vehicle, put his hands in the handcuffs and took his wallet. They checked his identification papers and informed him that his visa is expired, thus he had to pay fines of about Dhs20,000. The seller argued that his visa is still valid and that he is on his employer’s sponsorship. Following some arguments, they set him free provided that he did not to inform anyone about what had just happened.

After they left, the seller checked his wallet and discovered the disappearance of Dhs3,380. He headed to the police station and reported the incident.

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