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‘Sheikh Zayed’s legacy will travel in light years’


The mission underscores the confidence of the UAE leadership in the nation’s youth and their abilities.

Henry Jacob, Staff Reporter

As the launch date draws closer, the sense of eagerness and elation has been spiralling among UAE residents. In particular, UAE nationals have been showing unbridled enthusiasm for the first space mission carrying Emirati astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansoori. Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Acting Deputy Director General and Director of Executive Training at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, remarks: “This is a moment of glorious pride for me and all the people of my homeland. It is a historic milestone for our nation. It consolidates the UAE’s standing in the global space industry as a country with unlimited ambition – a country focused on leadership that seeks to enrich human knowledge, one that opens new horizons for the scientific community, and contributes to empowering humanity as it races towards a brighter future.

“I am honoured to congratulate our wise leadership and the people of the UAE on this great achievement. We are proud of our astronauts, who are representing the UAE as they carry our ambitions with them on this mission. As they embed our homeland’s clear and influential footprint in space, they also embody our commitment to further advancing and elevating the UAE’s standing in various fields.

“The UAE has demonstrated its resolve to become a leader in the space sector by 2021. The development of this sector will add value to our national economy and enhance technical knowledge and human resources. Joining the space race will also contribute to the significant development of science and innovation.

“These in turn will pave the way for the UAE to form global partnerships in order to find effective solutions that address the challenges of the future and achieve the greater good of all humanity.”

Reem Al Halmani remarks, “This marks a journey to greatness, and puts the UAE on the same platform as other space giants. The legacy of Sheikh Zayed is going to travel in light years, and history is going to be written with stardust.”

Emirati Mohamed Al Zarooni feels the mission of the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station is a huge milestone for the UAE, a proud moment for every Emirati and Arab citizen.

“This displays the economic and technological advancement of the Arab world and the commitment and persistence of the UAE to be the No. 1 in the region.”

Remarks Sara Kazim, “All Emiratis are looking forward to 25 September. Apart from the mission, the initiative of “Tomoh Zayed”, which will facilitate a video call from Hazzaa to his proud brothers and sisters in the UAE, will be momentous. It will be an exceptional moment in the UAE’s history where we will see the aspirational vision and legacy of Sheikh Zayed coming true.”

Alyazia Al Qamzi avers, “I am not very surprised with an Emirati reaching for the stars and even headed for Mars. The UAE has transformed itself into becoming one of the most moderate and advanced nations of the 21st century. Who knows, a UAE citizen may be the first ambassador to Mars. Thank you Hazzaa for making the UAE proud. Aim for the black hole if you can!”

“Raising the UAE flag in space is what Sheikh Zayed always dreamt of and his dream is coming true now. As an Emirati, I don’t believe anything is impossible because our leaders believe in our abilities to achieve the impossible. To have the UAE flag in space along with other big powers is an honour,” remarks UAE national Nouf Al Dhanhani.

Another Emirati, Hamda Al Shaiji, chips in, “Pride is a word that will do justice to my feelings. It is a step forward for the whole nation, a legacy that Sheikh Zayed sought for the UAE. This also nurtures hope for the UAE to pursue bigger and bolder milestones.”

 “It is an ‘over the moon’ feeling that cannot be described. I am proud of all the milestones the UAE has accomplished within a short span of time. Looking forward to many more great beginnings and to many more triumphs!” exclaims Maha Al Ameri with delight.

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