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Duo kill their colleague, hide his body in a farm


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Amir Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court of Fujairah on Tuesday heard the case of two Asian workers accused of murdering their colleague in a sheep farm in Fujairah and hiding his body.

According to the police records, the defendants had differences with the victim over which they killed him.

The victim who was reportedly working in another emirate, had been invited by the major defendant to visit him in the farm, where he worked.

The victim actually attended the farm and met the two defendants before accompanying them to the first defendant’s room, where they quarreled.

The second defendant tightened his grip on the victim, grabbed him from the back and threw him to the ground. Then, the two suspects strangled him with their hands until he died. After that, they hid his body by burying it in the farm, before stealing his mobile and money in his possession.

After a while, the corpse was discovered and the defendants arrested. They were referred to the Public Prosecution, where they were charged with premeditated murder, but they denied the charges. Accordingly, they were referred to the Criminal Court for further legal actions.

Recently, the Fujairah Criminal Court acquitted a housemaid of the charge of causing the death of two children for negligence.

The maid was arrested after a fire broke out in her sponsor’s house in Fujairah when the children, three and four years old, were inside their room at the house with their grandmother and the parents were at work.

Firefighters rushed to the spot and quelled the fire in the room, but the two children died.

In a separate case, the Supreme Federal Court rejected an appeal against a verdict that obligated a car insurance company to pay Dhs203,000 to a car rental lady. The woman rented a car to a person who fled out of the country with the car.

The case details date back to when the lady filed a lawsuit against the insurance company demanding to pay Dhs226,000 for the car the man fled with, saying the car was fully insured against damage, loss and civil liability by the company.

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