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A dreaded visitor enters Taj Mahal, creates chaos all around the 'monument of love'


The reptile was first noticed by construction worker near the western parking lot.

Taj Mahal is definitely a place in India where everyone wishes to visit at least once in his or her lifetime.The monument of love has seen people of different statures visiting it since its inception.

Royals, celebrities, political leaders, international players and off course commoners all have made it a must to visit place in their itinerary if they visit India.

But on Saturday there was an unexpected and dreaded guest who made its entry inside the iconic premises. And instead of being welcomed it created panic and chaos all around. It was a massive 9-foot-long Indian Rock Python, who slithered into the western parking lot of the Taj Mahal.

The reptile was first noticed by construction workers who narrowly missed stepping on it.

Police on duty immediately contacted the Wildlife SOS which sent a team of its experts.

On arriving at the spot, the Wildlife SOS rescue team found that there was a curious crowd forming around the snake, despite it being so early in the morning. After ensuring that the crowd maintained a safe distance, the rescuers gently guided the snake into a transport carrier. The python was released into a suitable habitat after a thorough examination.

Ashok Kumar, Sub-Inspector, Agra, said, "Some of the workers had gone home and when they returned, one of them almost stepped on the snake. Luckily, no mishaps occurred and when they contacted us, we were able to get in touch with Wildlife SOS who came and got the whole rescue done very quickly."

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, "Rescuing the huge snake was not an easy job as it was surrounded by a large crowd, who wanted to catch a glimpse of it. We are very thankful that the authorities reached out to us in time before any untoward incident could take place. The police officers helped in controlling the excited crowd while our team focused on the rescue operation."

Baiju Raj MV, Director Conservation Projects, Wildlife SOS, said, "We believe that the python had wandered out of the Taj Nature Walk green belt, which is home to a variety of wildlife species. Although non-venomous, a python's bite can be injurious, so one has to be careful while carrying out such rescue operations. We have professionally trained rescuers who are experienced in handling snake rescues."

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