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VIDEO: UAE leaders invite 49 Emirati artists to design nation brand logo


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid and Mohamed Bin Zayed attend a media event. File/ WAM

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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, have launched a national project to create and design the UAE nation brand.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum called on 49 Emirati artists, seven from each emirate, to participate in designing UAE nation brand logo to share the country’s inspiring story with the world. The new nation brand will reflect the UAE’s exceptional and successful experience as a country with ambitions, dreams and aspirations of no limit.

It will also represent the historical, cultural, humanitarian and economic elements and values of the people of UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed said, “We are inviting 49 Emirati artists and designers across the seven emirates to participate in designing our nation brand logo to narrate our story and journey of development to the world.”

Flag-Mohammed-750 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid attends the UAE Flag Day event in Dubai. File/ WAM

He added, “We seek to consolidate our country’s beautiful image in the global consciousness. Developing our nation brand is a new step in the journey of establishing the UAE’s presence in the world.”

Sheikh Mohammed noted that “we aim to create a UAE brand logo that all our sectors will use to share our story across all fields with the world.” He added, “The stronger our nation brand is in reflecting our authentic experience, the more we are able to inspire millions on their journey of development.”

Sheikh Mohammed reaffirmed that “The UAE is a land of opportunities and dreams. This is our story that deserves to be narrated to the world.”   

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed said, “The UAE presents an innovative success story and inspiring transformational journey that transcends geographical boundaries. The UAE has emerged as a source of hope and inspiration to other people and governments on a global scale.”

Dubai A breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline.

He added, “The UAE nation brand will share its successful experience as a model of human progress that can benefit and inspire other societies on their journey to development and progress.”

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed noted that “through building a nation brand, we strive to establish the UAE’s positive image and promote its story of rapid development in the global consciousness on an individual and state level.”

He reaffirmed that “Developing a brand image that represents the UAE’s values will help strengthen and expand our diverse national initiatives for the benefit and happiness of people” and added, “the UAE is at the heart of global economic, social and cultural development. The nation brand will deepen the country’s impact and soft power across the world.”

National project

Sheikh Mohammed called on 49 Emirati artists and innovators, seven from each emirate, to contribute to designing the UAE nation brand logo. Painters, sculptors, calligraphers, authors, researchers and graphic designers will come together in teams to brainstorm and discuss innovative logos that capture the true essence of the UAE as an inspiring success story of constant development worth celebrating and sharing with the world.

Abu-Dhabi-75 A view of a palace in Abu Dhabi.

Why is nation branding important?

Nation branding goes beyond a logo; it is a set of perceptions, associations, opinions, feelings that a country projects to the consciousness of the foreign public. Gradually, people start attaching certain perceptions and ideas to a nation.

The visual identity of a nation’s brand, just like the case in businesses and corporations, reflects a nation’s unique values and elements that sets it apart.

The nation’s visual image or logo can be used across all sectors and events to represent and promote a country’s economic, historical, geographical, humanitarian and cultural elements to the rest of the world.

Countries across the world have rolled out innovative branding campaigns and projects including Singapore’s “Passion Made Possible” campaign, Australia’s Kangaroo symbol, Canada’s distinctive maple leaf, New Zealand’s silver fern and UK’s “Great Britain” campaign. These campaigns helped promote global image and represent identity of countries to the world, creating better awareness and, ultimately, better understanding of a nation.

Grand-Mosque-AD-main1 Security personnel get briefed at the courtyard of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The UAE Nation Brand Goals:

•       To share the country’s inspiring story of overcoming challenges to achieve continuous success and development with the rest of the world. The visual logo will represent the UAE among global actors, not only nations.

•       To capture the essence of the UAE identity and reflect its distinctive values and features, positioning the country as a source of inspiration to communities across the world.

•       To cement the UAE’s status on the global map as an effective and influential country capable of driving positive change that serves humanity and improves lives.

•       To affirm the UAE’s distinctive national identity that forms part of the Arab and Gulf region and shares common grounds with the global community.

•       To celebrate and share the UAE’s exceptional development experience of constant learning, growth and progress, enabling societies to benefit from its successful model and experience.

Sharjah An aerial view of Sharjah.

•       To promote the UAE’s rapid progress as an incubator of innovation and boundless capabilities, and an entrepreneurship hub and exporter. 

•       To highlight the culture of “possibilities” adopted as an integrated work system in the UAE and promote the country’s quest to ensure social welfare in a productive and innovation-driven society.

•       To shed light on the political, economic, historical, geographical, humanitarian, cultural and value-driven elements that form the core of the UAE experience and shape the country’s unique identity.

•       To build and solidify the national pride within the UAE society through establishing social unity over the representation of the authentic Emirati identity and personality, turning individuals across all walks of life into world ambassadors of the UAE experience.

Elements of the UAE nation brand:

A number of elements shape the UAE’s unique brand, creating and strengthening a positive image of the country on a global scale. The main elements are as follows:

The UAE’s value system:

The value system forms the basis of the authentic Emirati identity and brand, consisting of several moral or material principles that play an important role in shaping the country’s image in the region and the world, such as:

      Giving, a fundamental humane and moral value in the UAE, in principle and practice, which has transformed into an integrated and sustainable humanitarian, developmental and relief work system since the foundation of the UAE. Hundreds of programmes, projects and initiatives are rolled out to alleviate suffering across the world and effectively contribute to improving the quality of life.

Al-Qasba-sharjah Sharjah’s family destination Al Qasba glitters in the evening.

     Tolerance and openness: Since its foundation, the UAE has adopted the universal values of tolerance, coexistence, fraternity, openness and acceptance of differences. Such values are reflected in the country’s uniquely diverse society that embraces different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, constituting a major part of the successful and inspiring story of the UAE.

     Credibility: The UAE believes in the power of action over words. The UAE has established itself as a country that fulfills pledges, commitments and agreements with the global community, therefore, building a positive reputation across the world.

-       Leadership values: Leaders and people of the UAE have been keen to uphold and preserve the values of social cohesion, coherence and solidarity laid by the founding fathers. Until today, the UAE defines itself by values of loyalty, sacrifice, and unified goals and aspirations to raise the UAE flag high and maintain sovereignty and dignity.

Melting pot

Since its foundation, the UAE has established itself as a melting pot for cultures and a destination to live and work in. More than 190 nationalities live in a secure and stable environment, and contribute to shaping a multi-ethnic society that enrich the UAE’s cosmopolitan nature. 

Land of opportunities

The UAE has positioned itself as a land of opportunities and dreams across the region and the world, thanks to its rapid growth and development. Today, the UAE established its image as an incubator for talents, expertise and entrepreneurs, providing a competitive and innovative environment to bring dreams into reality. Stories of successful individuals become part of the UAE’s inspiring success story worth sharing and celebrating with the world.   

Global trade center

Being ranked as the largest financial and business center in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has enhanced the UAE’s economic status as a major attractive destination for foreign investments. The country has attracted major global firms, becoming a center for innovators and startups that have achieved global success and formed a part of the Emirates’ story overall. Establishing an effective and efficient legislative and legal system, and providing facilities have improved the country’s economic competitiveness in the region and the world. It also helped position the UAE as a safe, advanced and stable environment for businesses and a forward-looking global trade center. 

Futuristic vision

In all the strategic policies and programmes, the UAE adopts a purely futuristic vision to build a nation for tomorrow’s generations and become an active member in designing the future regionally and internationally. Foreseeing and preparing for the future has evolved into strategic work system that brings together the public and private sector to launch pioneering programmes and projects locally and federally.

As part of the wider vision, the UAE is keen to foresee economic, cultural and economic changes driven by vital future sectors including advanced sciences, technologies and artificial intelligence to ensure social welfare. The UAE dedicates special efforts to create innovative solutions, accelerate achievements and foster a forward-thinking culture in government entities and communities. The country works to predict, prepare for and harness future changes in the journey of development and for the service of the people in the region.

Culture of innovation

Innovation is an approach, work culture and lifestyle across vital sectors in the UAE. Innovation forms the basis of decision-making philosophy and administration across all leadership cadres, as part of striving to develop and implement latest practices. The UAE also adopts innovation in developing legislative and executive tools to improve performance in line with fast-paced development. The pioneering initiative has enhanced the Emirates’ competitiveness on a regional and international scale. 

The culture of possibilities

The development miracle seen over the past few decades in the UAE presents a living embodiment of the culture of “possibilities” laid by the founding fathers and passed on to later generations. The leaders and people of the UAE have adopted solid faith and persistence to achieve their ambitions and aspirations in the face of challenges and despair.

The word “impossible” does not exist in the dictionary of the UAE, an element which has positioned the UAE as a source of inspiration to the world and an example of a country that started with limited resources to become a global reference on the humanitarian, cultural, economic and social fronts. Wise leadership, dedication and proper management and governance are key elements of the UAE’s success story.

Beacon of hope

The UAE presents a beacon of hope and positive change in the region, leading the humanitarian and development sector through harnessing and supporting youth’s energies and projects to help build their societies and fight despair.

The UAE implements development, social and humanitarian initiatives and projects to help the disadvantaged, aid the vulnerable, alleviate suffering of people wherever they are and effectively contribute to improving education, healthcare and future empowerment across different communities.

Happiness in practice

As the only country in the region that has institutionalized happiness, the UAE developed policies, plans, programmes and initiatives with clear goals and performance measurements to apply happiness in society.   A major part of the UAE nation brand is based on the leadership’s vision that happiness is a fundamental right. Therefore, development and service policies are directed, and regularly evaluated, to achieve this purpose.    

Geographical elements and cultural and historical heritage

The year-long sun, desert and beaches are some elements of the natural geographic resources that the UAE has utilized to drive and attract tourism. The UAE was the first in the Arab world and Gulf region to develop a year-long tourism that transformed an unfamiliar environment into a vital resource that revived the country and helped diversify the economy. 

The UAE also comprises a unique cultural identity that shape its identity and reflect the deeply-rooted Arabic culture and history. Archeology, literature, architecture, performing arts, fashion, food and folklore are all part of the UAE’s rich cultural elements that build a part of its image in the world.

All these features and elements come together to build and form the UAE’s authentic brand, positioning it on the global map as a pioneering, effective and influential country capable of playing a vital role in shaping a better future for humanity.

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